without a trace

Foiled Again!!!

I’m really getting a kick out of all of the extra work I did while in Chicago and New York City…and the fact that there’s no proof of it.

The Break-Up: Two days in Chicago and my awesome roller blading scene was deleted. It was even deleted from the DVD’s deleted scenes!! But like I’ve said before, I got to roller blade behind Jennifer Aniston, so there are no regrets.

Devil You Know: My role as the snooty matire’d who gives Lena Olin an angry look will very likely always remain a hidden treasure as it never went to theaters and I never heard anything about it since.

Without a Trace: I got to play an FBI employee fleeing from a building and after close examination of the episode, I was nowhere to be found.

And now another one to add to the list. I did work for a new FOX TV show called The Wedding Album about a wedding planner and his zany adventures. I believe I would have gotten some good “hey there he is” screen time but it seems FOX has gone with a different TV show about wedding planners, The Wedding Bells. Awesome.

There’s only one left…a movie with Robin Williams called August Rush. I haven’t seen any previews for it or heard any buzz yet, so I’ll keep you posted. It’s currently scheduled to come out in August. On the same weekend as the Bourne Identity sequel. So…good luck.

Who knows. If this doesn’t work, I may have to jump back in and try it again. Don’t think I won’t, doggonit.

Ok, I found this website on August Rush. Apparently some guy who does special effects worked on the movie and he has a couple of clips on his website of the film and how he made it look like there were actually a lot more of us in Central Park than there was in reality. He has four scenes in his clip; I am somewhere in each of the first three, but it’s impossible to find me. Hopefully when the final product comes out I will be ready for my close-up.

To watch the scenes click here. Once you’re there, click on REEL in the top right-hand corner and then choose August Rush. If nothing else, it’s kinda cool to see the before and after of the effects.


It’s that time again to bore my friends and loved ones with a capsulated look at 2006. Enjoy. I’ll wake you when it’s over.

A Timeline by Ed Placencia

As the year began I was living in New York City. I was a regular performer at the National Comedy Theatre (which I will heretofore refer to as NCT) and the ink on my divorce papers still hadn’t dried. My first year as The Single Guy. Let’s do this.
January 1 I ring in the new year by performing at a special New Year’s show at the NCT. We had a blast and it was a great time.
January 12 My digital camera breaks. No one has seen a picture of me since.
January 31 At the NCT banquet in a weird moment of ironic foreshadowing I was awarded “Most likely to be available for 208 shows/year.”

February 19 A reporter from The Daily News does a story on the National Comedy Theatre. A lot of pictures are taken and the cast is saddened when the article comes out and they use a picture with none of us in it.
February 28 In a stunt of unparalleled proportions, JT and I went to pick up some used carpet to put in the green room of the NCT. Because we don’t have a vehicle, we carry this huge roll of carpeting. From the corner of 3rd & 11th to the theater at 36th & 9th we maneuvered through the busy streets of Manhattan and didn’t bump into anything. And we only stopped to rest once. How manly are we?

March 8 My good friends John and Lisa come up to visit from Pennsylvania. We checked out a Mountain Dew snowboarding ramp in the middle of Times Square and interview a ukulele expert at a music store for Lisa’s radio show, The Kids Cookie Break. So, it was a usual day for me.

April 2 Worked on the set of a new FOX show, The Wedding Album. It was slated to come out this year, but haven’t heard anything on it since.
April 10-13 For four days straight I work from 6:30pm to 5am as an extra on the set of August Rush, starring Robin Williams, Keri Russell, and Jonathan Rhys Myers. We spent four nights in the middle of Central Park pretending it wasn’t freezing cold as we watched a performance by a symphony. Right now it is slated to release in February 2007. If it’s anything like my last work as an extra, be sure to have your freeze frame remotes ready so you can see me.
April 22 My sister Jaime comes up for a visit and we see and do everything in Manhattan in a span of 7 hours. We are, in a word, amazing. And tired.
April 27 Fellow NCT comedian Virginia and I witness someone trying to base jump off of the Empire State Building. A crowd gathers. The jumper is arrested. Everyone seems slightly depressed they didn’t get to see someone splat.
April 30 Worked on the set of Without A Trace playing an FBI employee. The episode airs the following month and I was nowhere to be seen. So far, no proof of the fact I’ve ever done any extra work exists.

May 4 Realizing a lifelong dream, I get to attend a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman. Even though the guests are Rosie Perez and Danika Patrick I still manage to somehow enjoy the experience.
May 13 My final show at the NCT for 2006. I have 81 performances with them under my belt, and all of them were a blast. The rest of the gang is still there putting on great shows so if you’re in Manhattan, be sure to stop by and see a show.
May 14 Left NYC for Pennsylvania, where I will hang out for a week before my departure for Indiana. My buddy Ethan volunteers to drive me to PA and while there I stay with him and his wife Aubrey, and also with Jon & Lisa. I get a chance to connect with all of my dear friends from the radio station I worked at in Lancaster, WJTL. Good people. Good, good people.
May 21 Dad arrives in Pennsylvania with his truck and we load up the small amount of junk I have and head for Indiana.

June 2 Almost a year after doing extra work on The Break-Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, it is released in theaters. None of my scenes make the final cut. I am not disappointed as there’s always the DVD deleted scenes. And I got to roller blade behind Jennifer Aniston for half a day. And the check cleared.
June 4 Fifteen years after its first conception, my brother Ray and I begin production on the long-awaited sequel to Terocus. We film four episodes and post them all on YouTube. The internet community is collectively confused.

July 15 I film an entry for a contest NBC is having to make a promo for the TV show The Office with Ray, Piper, Dad, and cousin Rich. Even though we don’t win, we have fun filming it and putting it on YouTube to further confuse the internet people.
July 16 The Placencia family reunion. Or, The Largest Gathering Of Minorities In Indiana Since The Last Placencia Family Reunion.

August 3 I am legally a Hoosier again when I get my driver’s license. After finally making it through the DMV line, a week later my money clip is stolen and I have to go through all of it again.

September 30 The county fair comes to town and all of Indiana’s finest are in attendance. Mullets and poofy hairsprayed bangs abound. I get together with my friend Amy to hang out at the local coffee shop as they walk by and poke fun. Without recognizing him, I inadvertently end up making fun of my uncle.

October 14 I killed a bird with a ladder.
October 17 The Break-Up is released on DVD. Although the packaging boasts “17 extra minutes!” I still have not made the film. Nor did I make the deleted scenes. Even my deleted scenes were deleted. But still, at least I got to roller blade behind Jennifer Aniston for half a day.

November 1 Awarded “Boxer of the Month” for the month of October at the Dekalb County Boxing Club. I celebrate by not going down for the rest of the month.
November 9 Itching to get back into comedy, I perform stand-up in front of a crowd of about 350 people at Snickerz in Ft Wayne and it goes well and the crowd goes wild.

I’m working with Dad and still doing production for WJTL. I’ve been writing a lot of short stories recently and I’ll be back at Snickerz doing stand-up on December 21.It’s been a fun fun year and am eager to see what 2007 has in store.

To keep updated on what I’m doing, I keep a pretty consistent blog online. It’s the easiest way to see what I’m up to and going through. You can also visit that link to get all of the details on the highlights I mentioned above.

Goals for 2007:
*Return to NYC to perform again at NCT.
*Visit London.
*Kiss a girl.

It’s my prediction that the first two goals will be the easiest to accomplish.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you to find out how you’re doing.

Keep in touch!


Great Way To End The Week

Well, my week-long stay in Pennsylvania has been a most enjoyable one, I must say. It’s been so much fun to see old friends again.

John and Lisa have been such gracious hosts during my stay here and it was nice to hang out with their son Alex and have a genuine excuse to act like a kid again. Thursday night Stacey, Ann, Mindy, Tom & Mel came over and we had a great time playing karaoke and DDR Max (and we also watched the episode of Without A Trace which, I am sad to report, you couldn’t see me in).

Last night I got to visit with my Radio Friend Phil and then went to Ethan & Aubrey’s house for dinner and conversation. Aub’s parents and her little brother were there — great people– and it was really nice to see them again. After eating we watched some of the videos Ethan and I had been putting together and then just talked about life, love, and other mysteries.

Today was a great day to cap off a great week. Beautiful weather outside, and while Alex played in the backyard with a friend of his, John and I sat on the back porch and talked about life. Ethan and I went to a big barbecue the radio station was at, said hello to the whole gang, and then went to a little Irish pub called Wahtley’s (which, I was sad to learn, is closing its doors soon). After that we went to see a comedian and then Ethan dropped me off back at John and Lisa’s. John, Lisa, and I stayed up and watched some TV and did more talking.

I love these people here. They were what made it so hard to leave PA the first time.

Today while I was hanging out with Ethan he asked me if this week felt like a vacation or if I was sort of nervous about the big move back home. I told him neither. I definitely wasn’t nervous. And it also didn’t really feel like a vacation. It was kind of like I was taking care of unfinished business. I haven’t seen these friends for about four and a half years, and that was wayyy too long. It was good to get back and do some real catching up.

I told myself it wouldn’t be another 4 years before I saw them again. I ask you, Blog Reader, to help hold me to that.

Catch Ed this week in NYC, PA, and on CBS

Three ways to get your fill of Ed this week. Don’t say I never gave you options.

1. It’s my last weekend performing at the National Comedy Theatre before my move back to Indiana. I’m playing at all four shows this weekend, so come on out and have a laugh (or two). If I remember correctly, I will have just over 80 performances with NCT under my belt after this weekend. Not too bad, seeing as how my first performance with them was at Christmas. 80 shows in 5 months? Sweet.

B. Before I land in Indiana I will be spending a few days in Lancaster PA and will be co-hosting the Get Up and Go Show on WJTL with Lisa Landis Wednesday morning. If you’re going to be up from 6 to 9AM, tune in. You can listen here.

4. Finally, the season finale of Without A Trace I worked on a couple of weeks ago is airing Thursday night at 10pm on CBS. I’ve never ever seen the show, so if you watch it and it turns out to be a lame series, sorry about that. There’s a scene where someone shoots a gun and/or pulls a fire alarm at the FBI building. I am one of the evacuating FBI employees (wearing a grey shirt with sleeves rolled up and yellow tie). Depending on which takes they decide to use, I could either be walking right behind Anthony Lapaglia, or you see my back in the distance walking away from the camera. Who knows. Continuity didn’t seem to be a major concern for them.

And that’s where I’ll be this week. Keep an eye on my YouTube site. I’ll be adding a couple more videos there in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. They’re guaranteed to be as cheesy and as hokey as what’s already there.

Talk to you soon!

Without A Number

Yesterday I worked on the season finale of Without A Trace here in downtown Manhattan. I’ve never seen the show, so I wasn’t crazy stoked about being on the set, but I was definitely glad to get in more work.

It took place at a Chase bank that they had altered a bit to make look like an FBI building. They were only shooting the outside of the building and the rest of us were FBI employees evacuating the building.

It was a very efficient crew and we were on the set and working very quickly (comparatively). While on the set I met a really cool girl named Taisha from New Zealand. We had a good time chatting together but then we got separated and I didn’t get a chance to get any more info from her to keep in touch. So…that was weak.

If by any chance you run into a kiwi artist named Taisha, tell her I said hey.