shin splint

Insanity 2.0 – Day 05

Given my general horrible health and the fact that I can’t run at a steady clip for more than 15 minutes, today’s Insanity workout, Pure Cardio, was a bit intimidating to pop into the DVD player. When, in the beginning of the workout, Shaun T himself admits to being afraid, you know it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

That being said, though, I was able to finish the entire workout. Not that I did the entire workout without taking breaks, but I made it through to the end. Given my medical history, that’s saying a lot. Of course, I modified the crap out of the workout. Yes, I felt like an old-man with a walker in the lane next to Usain Bolt, but I knew it was for my own good. And, about halfway through, I felt the echoes of a shin splint in my left leg taunting me.

My shin splint didn’t return, but I did feel a warm tightness as if my body was saying, “Careful, Ed.”

So I took it slow.

My shirt was still drenched at the end and my heart rate was still pounding in my neck, but I was a bit smarter about it than the last time around.

On a side note, I love that the people in the DVD seem to be struggling as much as I am. As someone who’s not in the kind of amazing shape my wife is in, it’s kinda nice to see that I’m not the only one begging for mercy.


Insanity: Day 16

I can’t.

I want to, I really really do, but I physically can’t.

After today’s workout, the shin splint in my left leg was pretty much unbearable. Which was distracting me from the fact that I was beginning to develop a shin splint in my right leg as well.


It may have been too much too soon. I’m going to shift gears and go back to P90x and see what happens. I’ll do one complete “term” of P90X (90 days) and then see if I haven’t ramped my way up to where I can do Insanity. As much as I really like the Insanity workout, at this point in my exercisorial career, I’m not physically ready for it.

So today I re-start P90X with Chest & Back.


Insanity: Day 10

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Shin splints be darned, I was determined to work out today. When I woke up this morning, my leg was already sore and I was hoping it wouldn’t get worse as the day went on. It didn’t, but kinda sustained at a dull throb. I went to the drug store and bought some generic BenGay.

I was able to go 28 minutes, which was 3 minutes longer than the last time I did this same workout (and 8 minutes longer than yesterday); I burned 430 calories until I finally had to admit my leg was threatening to snap in two if I didn’t stop.

The house currently smells like mint – really strong mint – as the magical ointment does its thing. My shin is also wrapped and ready to go for tomorrow, which is cardio recovery, so I’m sure my leg will appreciate the break.

But I loved it. More, more, more.

Insanity: Day 8

Cardio Power & Resistance

I was really plowing through this time. With half of my brain I was trying to be mindful of the shin splint that is setting in in my left leg, but with the other half, I just wanted to work out.

I got about 28 minutes into the work out before I had to call it quits. Not because I was out of breath and all woozy like usual – I think I was actually starting to hit what some people refer to as a “runner’s high” – but because the shin splint started to really flare up after one of the 30-second breaks. I’m not too disheartened, though. My heart rate watch tells me that although I worked out 3 minutes less than the last time I did this particular DVD, I actually burned 60 more calories this time around.

Woot. Yay.

Insanity: Day 7

Today was a day of rest, which is good as yesterday toward the middle of the workout I started to develop a shin splint in my left leg. I walked to the local coffee shop this afternoon, which isn’t too far, and on the way back it started to re-surface.

This sucks.

Various medical websites tell me I’m probably not going to die, so that’s good. The most common cause of shin splints is a sudden increase or intensity in physical fitness.


I’ll try to continue tomorrow at a significantly lower rate and see what happens. I really hope this doesn’t delay me too much.

The weird thing is, with the Insanity program I’m actually looking forward to the workouts, which is a first for me. On Day 2 I was really looking forward to this day off. Today, though…I kinda miss it.