Mystery Man (with Phone)

So every day around noon-ish, there’s this guy who wanders around in the courtyard outside my office window and talks on his cell phone. He’s been doing it for some time. He took a few months off during the winter but about a week ago he came back and returns every day like clockwork to talk to Someone.

Who is he? Where does he work? Who is he talking to? Is he talking to the same person every day? These questions have been plaguing me for the last year or so and I decided to do something about it: I set up a video camera and filmed him.

And now I turn to you for the answers. So please, take a look at the footage and then leave your comments with your theories. I suppose one of these days I could just ask him, but this is a lot more fun.


My Secret Admirer!

Yesterday I found a plastic bag hanging on my front door. Inside were six huge heart-shaped cookies covered in frosting and pink sprinkles.

And that was it. No note. No clues. Who would leave me such a treat? Is it possible someone has had their eye on me and my horrible male radar never picked up on it?

The plastic bag was from Meijer, a grocery store chain in this area…but not one near my house. So it had to have been someone who goes to Ft Wayne to do shopping. But who?

I have to admit, my first thought was the girl I blogged about last week and I really didn’t want that to be the case. Really really. I put the bag of cookies on my kitchen table and decided not to eat them for fear they would be poisoned with craziness.

Later that day I was at a basketball game and my sister-in-law Piper asked me if I got the cookies my mom dropped off for me.


How quickly I forget that I am back home again.

On one hand I was happy because they were from Mom and that meant I could eat the cookies. On the other hand, it meant they were from Mom, and not from Jennifer Aniston.