John, Lisa, Times Square, and Snowboarding

Yesterday I got to visit with my dear friends John and Lisa from Pennsylvania. They were up in New York City for a few days for their honeymoon and I was glad they etched out some time in their schedule for us to hook up!

Since I had to work that afternoon we met in Times Square. Lisa interviewed me for the radio/internet show she does, “The Kids Cookie Break” and told me about other interviews she’d gotten while she’d been in town.

In the middle of Times Square the Mountain Dew people had erected a huge snowboarding ramp with two individual lanes and complete with a huge truck blowing artificial snow on it. I’m not sure what the big event was for (we were told it wouldn’t officially begin until 4:00) but it was pretty cool to see. You just never know what you’re gonna see when you’re walking down the street in this town!

John and Lisa both lived in New York many moons ago (Lisa had even worked at NBC for a short bit and had fun SNL stories to tell) so there was no pressure to show them all the cool stuff in town and impress them. Instead we just walked around and concentrated on catching up.

We grabbed some lunch at a great little French cafe (Maison was the name, I believe) and after that we made our way to Sam Ash Music stores so Lisa could get another disc for her recorder. While there she interviewed one of the employees about ukuleles and it was a great time.

Always good to see the Blowers!! Nothing like good friends and good conversation.

Tomorrow my dear friend Meridith is coming into town with her boyfriend Nate and I am looking forward to catching up with her (and meeting him)! This is the week of reconnecting! Yeeeeee!