30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 9


This was a tough one to decide on. At first.

I’m such a big fan of TV and there have been so many great shows I’ve called my favorite. The Muppet Show was an early one. Then Moonlighting. Seinfeld. Friends. Arrested Development. Lost. Community (first 3 seasons only)

But then I realized the show I’ve watched and loved the entire time the thrill of all the others I mentioned came (and went) was SNL. When that light went on, I knew there could be no other choice.

Photo 2013-05-02 06.14.21 PM

Day 9 – Favorite TV Show

A Nice Weekend with Friends

When the TV show “Friends” first debuted (yes, I was watching from Day 1) it clicked with me immediately. As someone who’s always been a people person, it came at a timewhen I didn’t have a huge circle of buds in my immediate area. I was living in California at the time and didn’t know many people. For a self-declared “people person,” I’m not incredibly outgoing when I find myself among strangers. And so, at a time when my only contact with my friends and family back home was via a long-distance call or snail mail (I still can’t believe I lived in a time without email or cell phones), hanging out with fictional friends once a week was an easy sell for me.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of “Community.” True, it’s got some of the wittiest writing and acting on TV (that apparently no one but me watches), but it also has that communal vibe that clicks with me so well.

Today in the car, Sarah was commenting on how many people I still keep in touch with considering how many different places I’ve lived. We were coming back from visiting with a friend of mine who lives a few states away and was in town for a short bit. It was Sarah’s first time meeting him and we had a lot of fun sitting in Red Robin talking, laughing, and making each other laugh.

This weekend we got to get together with a bunch of other friends from a variety of walks of life and tonight as things were winding down (and by winding down I mean hanging out in the living room watching Sarah choreograph Zumba Christmas songs) I got to share some nice exchanges with some pals online.

This weekend was a nice opportunity not only to spend time with some really cool people in a variety of different ways, but also to take a step back and appreciate those people in our lives. Not too shabby.


Looking Back at 38

My 39th birthday was last week. Sarah and I were walking down to get some coffee at Square One and she asked me what my highlights were of being 38. I thought about it, and thought I’d share some of those highlights here. At first glance, this may seem like just another Year in Review blog, but trust me, it’s different. These are in no particular order, except in the order that they came into my brain.


  1. Lost Nights
    Once a week Sarah and I get together and watch Lost with some friends. I know what you’re saying: Who doesn’t? But it’s not just about gathering around the TV and watching a show. It’s the whole “gathering with friends and watching a show” aspect about it that I love. Usually before or after the show we’ll play games, eat whatever snacks we brought, or just hang out. And now that we’ve caught up on all of the Seasons and are eagerly awaiting the beginning of Season 6, we still get together once a week and….well we do whatever. Play games. Watch a movie. Eat snacks. Hang out. It’s been a good excuse to get together and be with our pals on a regular basis.
  2. Dressing Up as Batman and The Joker
    Every year our friends John and Lisa hold an Oscar-viewing party. In the last couple of years they’ve encouraged everyone to dress up as a movie character and it’s been a lot of fun. This year Sarah and I came as Batman and The Joker, and I gotta admit, we looked good. :)
  3. Jim Thorpe
    Sarah’s birthday is only 3 days before mine so we get to celebrate together. Our friends Alyssa and Ashlea decided to treat us to a mystery trip. They gave us the date and time but kept the destination a secret. The only hint they gave us was the fact it was a couple of hours away. It turns out they took us to Jim Thorpe PA, a small town one of the TV travel programs listed as one of the Top 10 Towns in America. I think they were right to put this on the list.
  4. Live Shows
    When I was 38, I got to see a couple of live shows that came into town that were a lot of fun: the touring production of Avenue Q and Bill Cosby. If I don’t come across as your average  musical-theatre kinda guy, I’m not. But Avenue Q isn’t your average musical theatre production.

    And Bill Cosby. Well….he’s just Bill Cosby. How can you not enjoy him?
  5. New York City
    Sarah and I were able to travel up to New York City twice. The first time we went up to see the Season 34 Finale of Saturday Night Live with Will Ferrell. To say it was a blast would be an understatement. The second time, we went up with our friends Ryan, Alyssa, and Ashlea and got to show them around the city. Both times I was able to jump in the shows at the National Comedy Theatre and improv it up with some of my old pals as well as perform with some new cast members whom I hadn’t met. It was a great time. I heart New York.
  6. Ireland
    As anyone who’s followed my blog knows, Sarah and I went to Ireland with Alyssa and Ashlea and it was incredible. I won’t bore you with the details (again) but will post the recap of our trip here.
  7. Doodles at Square One
    I’ve been drawing doodles of people ever since I was in middle school. I haven’t always kept up at it, but this past year I’ve been very proactive about keeping at it. I had a chance to display my art at our coffee house of choice here in Lancaster, Square One Coffee. For the month of October I displayed about 30 doodles, all in the theme of Halloween creepiness. You can see all of my doodles at my Facebook fan page.

So yea…38 wasn’t too bad. Those were just a few of the things that jumped out at me. I’ll include more in my annual End-of-the-Year update but Sarah was right. Thirty-eight was a good year. I think 39 is gonna be good, too. With someone as cool as Sarah by my side to walk with to the coffee shop, how can it not be?

Quotes of the Day

As many of you know, I always carry a little notebook in my back pocket to jot down any moments of comedic clarity that might run through my brain throughout the course of the day. Some time ago I also started keeping track of “quotes of the day,” odd, random, or just funny statements uttered by whomever I happened to be with at the time.

I’m at work right now, but while I wait for the DVD I’m working on to finish burning I thought I would share some of those quotes with you. Enjoy!

“Give me back my baby!!” – screamed by a random woman on the streets of Garrett, Indiana

“This stupid thing. I’m gonna burn it. (pause) Will this burn?” – my brother Ray mad at his tape measure

“Tootsies don’t pop. They only chew.” – Sarah explaining why she prefers Blow Pops to Tootsie Pops

“I couldn’t hear you. Sarah was talking to the fruit flies.” – Stacy, during a game of poker

“I think of meat and milk a lot.” – Kristi, on the way to the Creation Festival

“I’m not cool because I don’t have an iPod.”
“Then go buy one so you can buy your coolness.” – Mindy and Kristi, in the car on the way to Creation

“I didn’t think people snored like cartoons but turns out they do.” – Sarah complaining about a loud neighboring camper at the Creation festival

“Man, I haven’t blinked in a while.” – Sarah, playing Bejeweled on the computer

“I never knew what a work ethic was. Neither of my parents worked.” – Sarah on a Sunday afternoon

“I don’t have a grudge against him because he sucks at his job. I have a grudge against him because he sucks as a person.” – Kate, amid frustration

“You can if you’re a genius, a super computer, or two albinos with a camera.” – Fred, after being asked if you can upload videos to the Monsterpod website

“I didn’t think you would eat it.”
“It’s a brownie, man.” – Me and Ken at Outback Steakhouse

“I was going to say ‘Look at the moon behind you’ but it was a light bulb.” – Sarah outside IHOP

“Actually, I played with eggs more than I did with dolls.” – Sarah, walking past a store where everything is made of eggs

“I can tell by your writing you’re sick.” – Sarah, to me when I was ill

“What’cha not writing?”
“My name.” – me and Ashlea, in an i-tickets meeting at work

Phone Calls to Make One’s Day

Two phone calls today.

The first was a conference call with Julie, Libby, and Tom. I hadn’t spoken on the phone to Julie & Libby since my old radio promoter days and had almost forgotten how much fun they are. It was my first time speaking with Tom and the three of them together was a good time indeed. It was the next best thing to hanging out in person with three people who love to joke around and laugh.

A couple of hours later I called back to wish Libby a Happy Valentine’s Day. We ended up talking about everything from Hurricane Katrina to the VH1 World Series of Pop Culture and everything else in between. It was a good time indeed.

If you have a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time and/or have fallen out of touch with, I highly recommend giving them a buzz or dropping them a line. It’ll do your heart good and bring on the smiles.

Helplessly Empathetic

As much as I hate being bummed out and having a crappy day, I hate it more when it happens to my friends. I find it frustrating when I want to say some magical combination of words that will make everything better, put it all into perspective, and the hurting will instantly end.

But that never happens. Never.

So the only other thing I think of to do is just kind of wait and try to be there for them. Sometimes that’s all a person needs, but it doesn’t always feel like I’m helping out much.

Old Friends

Today I called JT. Hadn’t talked to him in a long time (too long). It was really good to talk with him again and catch up. He’s a good man, strong work ethic, and I admire him a lot (plus, he’s freakin’ hilarious). You know those people that you know and miss and love but never realize how much until you talk to them again? Same thing happened again today. I miss that guy.

I’ve also been chatting with my dear friend Edlyn as well. She works at Gotee and I kind of kick myself for leaving Nashville and not taking advantage of having such a cool friend nearby while I was there. I constantly ask myself why we didn’t hang out more. I’m glad we’ve been talking more and getting to know each other. She rocks my world!

I single them out not because they are my favorite friends whom I miss, but because I spoke to both of them today, and it was on my mind how much I love all of my out-of-town buddies.

Warm fuzzies for everyone. Take two, they’re small.