christmas story

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Yesterday was the big Wrigley Field shoot on the set of “The Break Up.” It was long, hot, and draining but still a lot of fun. I checked in at 6am and signed out at 10pm. I got home around 11pm and crashed. It was the first time my roommate’s loud clump clump footsteps and loud slamming of doors in the morning didn’t wake me up. It was nice.

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were there once again, along with Jon Favreau. It was a good time. In between shots, Vince did a really good job of keeping the crowd entertained and our spirits high. As hot as it was yesterday (there was a heat advisory!), and since we were sitting in the sun all day, that was no easy task but he is the man. At one point, Vince was introducing the different people working on the film and he pointed out a guy named Peter Billingsly (he didn’t clarify if he was a cast or crew member). I knew I knew that name but couldn’t figure out from where and then Vince told us that if you ever saw A Christmas Story (and who hasn’t?), he was the lead kid who played Ralphie! Ha! I never would have recognized him in a million years. Our Ralphie’s all grown up!

I don’t think I got any screen time yesterday but I can’t complain. I spent all day in Wrigley Field in the sun and got paid for it. We even got a few hours of overtime, which is always good.

This weekend in my attempt to spend absolutely zero money, I stayed at home and watched some new TV shows (or at least new to me). They are all HBO series and I gotta say, I love HBO! Entourage is amazing…the half hour flies by and it’s a lot of fun to watch. The Comeback is also really well done and sort of like Curb Your Enthusiasm with Lisa Kudrow, who does a great job of shedding her “Phoebe” persona. The last one I got was Unscripted. I haven’t watched it yet, but am looking forward to it.

So….how are you?