MADly Influenced

I don’t usually post a new blog every time I upload a new doodle to my Flickr account, but since this one is a little different (and since it’s been a while since I’ve blogged something that wasn’t poking fun at the newspapers from the Indiana town I grew up in), I thought I would make an exception.

When I doodle, 99% of the time I use a pen. I’m not comfortable sketching in pencil, but I’ve been reading an amazing new book by Tom Richmond, The Mad Art of Caricature! Compared to my other doodles, you can see the book has really had a bit of an influence on my style. Sarah and I have also gotten hooked on the new FX series “American Horror Story,” so Dylan McDermott was a natural choice for the subject of my attempt at a new style.


I haven’t completely finished Richmond’s book yet, so who’s to say how my doodles will be affected on a long-term basis (if they are at all…I’ve been known to regress a time or two) but I was pretty impressed with my progress so far.

By the way, if you have any kind of interest in art, caricature, or MAD magazine, I highly recommend Richmond’s book. He pulls the curtain back on this oft-overlooked style of art and opens your eyes to how you see the world. Even if you don’t draw or consider yourself an artist, you’ll appreciate Richmond’s outlook and you just might find yourself seeing the people around you with a new — and entertaining — perspective.

LOST: A Tribute

If you’re like me, this last week you’ve seen about a billion different tributes to Lost: videos, original songs, photoshopped artwork…apparently people are gonna miss this show. I didn’t really have the time to do something special to show my appreciation and I’m not much of a songwriter. So instead, I’ve gathered all of my Lost-themed doodles I’ve done over the last few months into one convenient Lost-y post. Enjoy!

The Doodles of Ed

I have a new doodle blog! You may have seen these doodles before, but I’m writing about each of them and giving a little behind-the-scenes insight into each one. I’m starting from my oldest doodle (from back in 1988) and working my way forward. I’ve been posting for about a week now, and I’ll try to enter a new blog each day, so subscribe or add me to your Google Reader and we’ll see what happens. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Body Works

Yep, Sarah and I made it to body works. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so if you aren’t familiar with this science/art exhibit, here’s what it is: Some crazy guy took a bunch of actual human bodies, peeled the skin off, plasticized them, and then stuck them in plastic cases for the rest of us to look at. It’s really fascinating, but at the same time, reminds me that Hannibal Lecter is still on the loose, and now his handiwork is considered educational.

Reading Dip

As far as number-of-books-read-per-year goes, 2009 was a bust. In 2008 I read 24 books. 29 in 2006, and 27 in 2005. I only read nine books last year. Nine? If you know me, that’s unacceptable. I blame Mario Kart, Seasons 1-5 of Saturday Night Live on DVD, and the fact that I doodled more in the past year than all previous years combined.

So it’s not like I wasn’t doing something, I just wasn’t doing a lot of reading. I’ll try to make up for it this year. I’m almost finished with my third book of 2010, but it came with a price: my doodling numbers have plummeted.


Play It Again, Sam

I wrote a blog back in September about a fan letter I wrote to Sam Viviano. You’re gonna wanna read that one before jumping into this one in order to grasp the awesomeness of this blog. It’s right here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

OK…so here we go…

A couple weeks ago I got an email from WordPress letting me know I had a comment on that blog that needed approval. Of all the people who might comment on a blog about a fan letter I wrote to my favorite artist (and his reply back to me), I did not expect the comment to be from Sam Viviano himself. For real. The comment is there. Check it out. Not only did he stumble across my blog (I still wonder how he found it), but he also offered to replace the drawing he sent to me years ago that I eventually lost.

I emailed him back, thanking him for his comment and again thanking him for personally responding to his fan mail, unlike that robot Ricky Schroeder. (Yes, I also sent a fan letter to Ricky Schroeder, the then-star of NBC’s Silver Spoons, back in the 80s. When I get an automated response in return and a black-and-white 5×7 picture with his autograph obviously stamped “Love, Ricky” I was a little less than enthused. And confused. I hadn’t asked for a photo, much less one signed “Love.”)

About a week after responding to Sam’s blog comment, I received a manila envelope in the mail with a MAD Magazine address label on the front. It was two days before my birthday and a great way to kick off the weekend. Not only had Sam responded with yet another full-page handwritten letter but he also included another print of the very drawing he had sent to me nearly 20 years ago.

But wait, there’s more! He also included two recent issues of MAD Magazine!

I mean seriously, how cool is this guy? He’s someone with a lot more on his plate than me and still he goes out of his way to go above and beyond the call of duty for a complete stranger. I could learn something from this guy.

But first, I’m going to take a picture of myself with all the cool stuff he sent me. Pictures first, life lessons later.


I posted my 200th doodle this week. That number sounds a lot bigger than it actually feels.

I had a contest on my fan page to see who could correctly identify the most doodles and the winner got doodled as their prize, so congrats to Janelle!

And, if you’re in the Lancaster PA area, you can see my doodles in person all through the month of October at Square One Coffee for their spooky-themed month of art!

Good times indeed.