30 day drawing challenge

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 25


I didn’t have anything in mind when I started this doodle, I just…started doodling. I’m going to say this is somewhere in Arizona. The only time I’ve been to Arizona, I was driving through it on my way to California and it was nighttime, so I don’t know how close I am to the real thing. But this is what Arizona looks like in the daytime in my head. That’s fair.

Day 25 - Scenery

Day 25 – Scenery

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 24


When Sarah and I first got to know Tyler and Monica, we were attending the same church. We invited them to our weekly “TV Tuesday” when, at the time, a group of us got together to watch “LOST.” We began from the very first season so those who hadn’t already started in wouldn’t be left behind and soon, after watching one DVD a night (usually 3 or 4 episodes) we were all caught up.

After a few weeks Sarah and I noticed that Tyler and Monica were sitting together and one night in particular I spotted them holding hands. That’s been a few years now and it’s hard to remember them not together. They’re an amazing pair of people and Sarah and I love being with them. They’re fun (and funny), they love to laugh, they have great senses of humor, and it is sometimes infuriating that I cannot beat either one of them at Mario Kart.

Ty and Monica are getting married in July and just thinking of two people as awesome as they are being together forever… It’s nice.

Day 24 - A Couple

Day 24 – A Couple