Cleanse – Day 2

I woke up this morning still grumpy. Coffee headache still here (or maybe just a regular headache, but I’m blaming my lack of coffee). This time around I mixed the Ionic Seaweed in a glass of water and the taste was way less overpowering. So now it was just a hint of awful instead of awful all at once.

Sarah made me a smoothie and offered to put half a banana in it. I don’t think that’s allowed but I don’t care. I’m hungry and I don’t have coffee. I deserve a friggin’ banana.

2:08pm. Super grumpy. Sarah made more chicken and peppers for lunch which was really good. I’ve felt really tired and lethargic all day. I’ve been constipated today, too, which is a bit surprising because I’ve always heard cleanses have the opposite effect. I still have a headache and a slight stomach ache which is probably from all the angry poop that insists on staying put.

I also don’t like being in this bad mood. This will change, right? I don’t like being upset with/snappy at Sarah for no reason.

6:09pm. Took a nap. Headache is almost gone. Hungry. I’m allowed to have as many green apples as I want. I have the feeling I’m going to get sick of green apples really fast. And chocolate. You see, everything on this cleanse seems to be “chocolate” flavored, I guess to fool people into forgetting they’re on a cleanse. The shakes, the snacks, the “chocolate wafers.” I’m going to be sick of powdered chocolate flavoring even faster, I think.

11:05pm. I came home from rehearsal hungry and craving a burger. Or bacon. Anything meat-y. I had an egg (and 5 egg whites) and 2 bowls of spinach. Still grumpy. Going to bed.


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