Disturbing (Finally)

The following Letter to the Editor from Kate Luhr in Los Angeles, CA appears in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly:

It appears I’m the lone person on earth who hated Silver Linings Playbook. But I found the age difference between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence disturbing…

She goes on, but I thought her opening statement was pretty funny and couldn’t help respond. I doubt it’ll get printed and, if it does, in its entirety, so I thought I’d share my full thoughts here with you. Enjoy.

My wife and I always thought we were regular people. Sure, we both like to be a bit goofy at times but for the most part, we’re just your average, happily married couple from smalltown Indiana now living in Amish Country, PA. She likes to Zumba, I like to listen to standup comedy. She’s a laser tag enthusiast and I like playing Mario Kart. Every Tuesday we have friends over to watch our favorite TV shows (everything from “An Idiot Abroad” and the 7 Up Series to “New Girl” and “Impractical  Jokers) and once a month we have Spielberg Saturdays, where we watch one of his films and prepare food themed to the movie (this month is Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, which means a lot of creative food choices).

We’ve been married nearly six years and we couldn’t be happier.

Oh yea, and we’re also 13 years apart. No biggie, and most people are surprised when they hear it, but it’s true. It sounds like a lot but it’s never really come into play or been a hurdle. It probably helps that I don’t act my age and she knows a lot about movies from the 70s and 80s.

We both got a kick out of Kate Luhr’s letter to the editor (Feedback, #1243/1244) where she mentioned the age difference between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook as “disturbing.” They’re 15 years apart, only 2 years more than my wife and me, and I couldn’t help but feel happy. We’re just a couple of regular people and to think  our relationship could “disturb” someone based solely on how old we are…it’s kind of a cool accomplishment.

Of course, we wish Ms. Luhr and her age-appropriate significant other nothing but the best.

Ed Placencia


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