Ed the American

Today I had the following conversation with a man at Sarah’s Zumba class. Let it be noted that English is not his native language. I believe he speaks Spanish, but I couldn’t venture to guess which Latin culture he hails from. When you read this, please give him as heavy an accent as possible.

Guy: You are-a Mexican?

Me: (thrown off by the weird way he chose to start a conversation) Sorry?

Guy: You are from Mexico?

Me: Well, my grandparents are, yea.

Guy: You no speak-a Spanish?

Me: No.

Guy: Someone told me you be-a from Mexico.

Me: My grandparents are. I’m actually from Indiana.

Guy: Ah, you are Indian.

Me: No. Indiana. The state.

Guy: Ah, you are from the United States.

Me: Yes. Yes I am. I am from the United States.


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