Dorkiness Throughout The Years

I think it’s safe to say at this point in time, we’ve all Googled ourselves just to see what happens. Tonight I took that a step further as I was scouring the archives of my hometown Indiana newspaper, The Garrett Clipper. Garrett is a pretty small town in the northeast corner of the state whose population in 2009 was a whopping 5700 people.

So yea, pretty small.

The Clipper runs a time capsule-like feature where they post the headline from 50, 25 and 10 years ago and I came across a few choice articles that included me as a youngster making my name in print. Please enjoy this window to my extra-curricular (and curricular) activities as a youth.


November 24, 2010
25 Years ago
Dr. Kurt Doughtery and Alan Koldeway were inducted into the Garrett Lions Club in November 1985. Garrett High School senior drama club members Joe Carlin and Ed Placencia presented a humorous skit, “The Odd Couple” following dinner at the Railroad Inn.


November 15, 2010
25 years ago
Garrett freshman Ed Placencia was appointed to the All-Region Junior Band in November 1985 to perform the alto sax. He and band director Paul Marlow would travel to Bourbon, Ind. later that month for a day of rehearsal and a performance the following day. Ed is the son of Ed and Toni Placencia of Garrett.


October 11, 2010
25 years ago
Garrett High School students were busy rehearsing for the fall play, “The Dutch Detective” by Walter Ben Hare. Cast members included Doug Ahr, Joe Carlin, Brian Getts, Angie Jacobs, Shelly Lantz, Kris Miller, Mike Peters, Ed Placencia, Lisa Wambsganss and Jamie Witherspoon.


March 10, 2008
25 Years Ago
Sixth-grader Ed Placencia won the local spelling bee when he correctly spelled the word “necessary” and went on to spell “information.” He beat out runner-up John Jones, also in sixth grade.


Plays, humorous skits, and awesome alto sax abilities. Does nothing change?


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