My pal Nick is currently taking some Multimiedia courses in college and is enrolled in a photography class. In it, the class was designed to do a series of projects that incorporated pictures and sound. I know that sounds like what people called movies in the 1920s, but in this case, I mean literal pictures – photographs – and sound.

For his final project he asked if I would be willing to be the subject of his piece. I was very flattered that he would ask me – and my doodles – to be the topic and he came over a couple of Thursdays ago and he spent some time capturing me doodling comedic actor Jim Varney.

Nick did a great job working with my tired voice – man, I sound tired!  Sorry about that, Nick- and my annoying love of the word “um” (I gotta work on that) but I was really impressed with how he put it all together. I’d never really had someone watch me doodle anything before, I mean really watch me, let alone try to pretend he wasn’t taking a bunch of photos of me while it went down. I freely admit I was a little nervous.

Seeing the final project was nice and I was really taken with how Nick pieced it together. He’s a really good storyteller and he knew which parts of my babbling rants to keep and which ones to let dissolve into the atmosphere. He gives the project a nice NPR feel and I was honored to be a part.


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