Left Coast Re-Cap (Day 7)

Wednesday. Our last day of vacation. OK, technically Thursday is also a vacation day, but we’ll spend the whole day on airplanes and in airports, so this is the last day of vacation.

We begin with a food report from Sarah.

We made no plans at all for our final day in Cali. Just, you know….whatever. And if that means sitting on the beach and doing nothing except filming birds…then that’s what it means.

You can’t really tell in the video, but when I decided to walk down and get my feet wet in the ocean, I stepped in something. I thought it was bird poop but when I tried to scrape it off in the sand, it didn’t budge. The glob of whatever it was was really stuck to my foot and no matter how much I tried, sand and water weren’t going to be enough to get it un-stuck.

I made my way back down to the blanket and noticed my foot smelled like tires. What did I step in? I didn’t see anything on the beach except seaweed but apparently there was a hidden treasure for me. Sarah had an old pair of tweezers she let me borrow, but they didn’t do much good. Whatever was there, was really really there. Sarah told me I looked like Venom from Spiderman. I was looking forward to my special powers.

After we left the beach, I decided to make a phone call to ask what it was on the beach that was attacking me. I got in touch with the parks department and in turn was transferred to four different people before someone could help me out.

Turns out it was a tar ball. Yep. Who knew? But apparently even though there hasn’t been an oil spill on the west coast for a long, long time, every once in a while tar balls still wash up on shore. The guy on the phone told me the best thing to do to wash it off was to buy rubbing alcohol and baby oil. So…that’s what we did.

If nothing else, it really made me feel for the birds in the Gulf Coast that got oil all over them from the recent spill. As you can see, it’s not just black water that will rinse off easily. Those birds down there are screwed.

Our little party decided to have dinner on the pier and watch the sunset on the ocean. We chose to eat at a Mexican restaurant called El Torito. The service was horribly slow and we missed the sunset. Oh well. At least the food was sort of OK.

We left and took in what was left of our last day in Redondo Beach.

You were good to us, California. You always are. You always, always are.


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