Left Coast Re-Cap (Day 4)

You can only walk past a diner with a sign that reads “Voted #1 Breakfast!” so many times before you give in to curiosity. But after breakfast at CJ’s Pantry in Redondo Beach, I have to 100% agree with the sign in the window.

The portions were huge, the food tasted amazing, and I blame their very existence for the fact we all gained like 7 pounds while we were in California. It was just the right amount of fuel we needed to go exploring in Hollywood.

We wandered up and down the Walk of Stars like good tourists, taking pictures of the Hollywood sign and handprints in cement and laughing at ladies who weren’t looking where they were walking and fell in a hole (she was OK, so stop judging me).

As we left the area and headed back south, we stopped in Beverly Hills and just…drove around. We had no idea where we were or whose house we were looking at (or, more accurately, whose tall shrubs and iron gates we were looking at that kept us from seeing their actual homes) but we kept passing sight-seeing vans so I figured we were in the right area. The narrow roads we were on wound up the mountainside and gave us some really cool scenic views of the city.

When we arrived back in the South Bay I decided we had goofed around long enough: it was time for In N Out. It was just as good as I remembered, although Sarah wished it was a little more like Five Guys so she could add A-1 sauce to her burger. Whatever. Blasphemer.

On the way back to the hotel, we were driving through a neighborhood in Torrance and suddenly Ryan, who was riding shotgun, pointed out the window and yelled, “NUNCHUKS!!”

Sure enough, there was a dude standing in the middle of a small park, practicing for battle. Sarah grabbed the Flip camera and we did a drive-by for further inspection. And further taunting.

Ashlea wanted to watch the MTV VMA Awards that night, so we stopped by the liquor store next door to our hotel to party down VMA-style. Which means picking up hard stuff like Smirnoff Ice and Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers.

I have arrived.


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