Left Coast Re-Cap (Day 3)

Sarah woke up early Saturday morning to go for a jog. I hopped online to check Google Maps and see if there was anything interesting in our area. I saw there was a coffee shop a couple of blocks from our hotel and, after checking out their website, I decided it was a place we needed to investigate.

When Sarah returned from her jog, I told her what I’d found, and we headed down to the Catalina Coffee Company.

We met with the Brenemans for breakfast in the hotel and told them about our amazing coffee house discovery. That afternoon we took Alyssa and Ashlea down to CCC while Ryan stayed in his room to catch up on ESPN.

That night, we headed over to the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. They had a special “10 Comics For $10” special and we had no idea who was going to be part of the show.

We showed up early to get good seats and eat dinner there before the show. Ashlea and Alyssa were concerned that we might be too close to the stage, but after looking at who was sitting around us, I thought there might be easier targets for the comics to mess with. A guy dressed like Colonel Sanders (whom I referred to as The Southern Lawyer) was sitting behind us and a Gothic beauty queen wasn’t too far away either, so I didn’t think we stood out too much. It turns out Ashlea was the only one of us who got “called out” but compared to the rest of the people who got needled, she got off pretty easy.

My only disappointment from the night was the fact that the club didn’t publish who was there that night, so afterward, we could only remember a couple of names. They were all amazing (I wasn’t too impressed with the one magician who performed, but I think I was in the minority) and I wanted to find out more about them and support them. The comics included Lachlan Patterson, Kirk Fox, Brian Scolaro…and that’s where we forgot the other names. There was an Australian guy with a fake foot and another Aussie who lives in San Francisco. There was a writer from Jimmy Kimmel who sang hilarious impromptu songs and a guy who did a bit about getting old and having to stretch before doing things like going to sleep. I sent an email to the club afterwards asking for a list of the comics who performed so I could look them up on iTunes. Hopefully I’ll hear something back from them, but seeing as how it’s almost been two weeks I’m not holding my breath.

So…whoever was there that night…just know you did a good job. Lachlan and Brian both have projects available on iTunes. I’m sure the other comics do, too, I just have to figure out who they were first.


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