Left Coast Re-Cap (Day 2)

Sarah woke up early Friday morning, and I did too. It was 6am California time, but we were still on East Coast time, so it felt like 9. She planned to go jogging along the beach and I decided to walk with her to show her the way and make sure she didn’t get turned around.

Our hotel was only about 2-1/2 blocks from the beach and on the way we had to walk through a small park/playground. There was a really cool-looking building that at first reminded me of The Alamo.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered this amazing structure is the Redondo Beach Public Library.

The sky was a perfect blue, the grass was green, and the early-morning temperature was perfect. Sarah exclaimed, “We’re in Heaven!” I didn’t argue.

Sarah took off jogging and I went down to the beach to film and capture the calm serenity of the area. I made my way onto the Redondo Beach Pier and sat on a bench overlooking the ocean (making sure to clear off the morning dew before I settled in).

I heard a far-off sound that I initially mis-took for some weird birds, but as I listened I realized they were actually seals hanging out on a distant buoy, barking and barking. You know, like a bunch of seals.

After Sarah finished with her run we met on the pier and then walked back together. We met Ryan, Alyssa, and Ashlea in the hotel for their complimentary continental breakfast. We then piled in the car and headed south for a tour of Palos Verdes and Rancho Palos Verdes, one of the most expensive places to live in Southern California.

We left the cliffs and headed down the winding road a bit to Wayfarer’s Chapel, a small church that is pretty much made entirely of glass. Every other time I’ve been there a wedding was in progress so I wasn’t allowed to get very close to the church and see inside.

This day was my lucky day, as the grounds were pretty much deserted and we had the place to ourselves. I was excited to get my first glimpse inside and I wondered what it was like to go to church and get a tan at the same time.

We returned back to the hotel and Sarah and I were excited to show the rest of the gang the park, the library, the beach, and the pier. While we were there we stopped in at El Cinco De Mayo, a small Mexican restaurant on the pier. A friendly woman took our order and then turned around and began to cook everything. It smelled delicious and it tasted just as good.

From there we went down to the end of the pier, found a bench, and let the food digest. We also saw a pirate pigeon. That’s right. He had a peg leg. It was turning out to indeed be a great day.

We went back to the hotel to rest up from all of the eating and basking in the sun and decided to re-convene in a couple of hours. We had a date at Medieval Times and, what was even more exciting, we were meeting my pal JT and his girlfriend there. I met JT when I was living in New York City and performing improv at the National Comedy Theatre. He moved out to California a few months ago and I hadn’t seen him in about a year. I hadn’t met his girlfriend Kim before and it was good to get to finally get to meet her and be assured she wasn’t a figment of JT’s wild imagination.

Because we headed out to Buena Park on a Friday afternoon, traffic was pretty intense. Ryan and Alyssa were both pretty taken back by the amount of cars:

“This is ridiculous!”
“Who are these people?”
“Where did these people come from?”

We finally arrived at the castle, met JT and Kim, and  settled in to enjoy a night of medieval…times.

Afterward we hung out in the parking lot and talked and said goodbye to JT and Kim six or seven times. We made the drive back to the hotel (which, at 10:30 at night, was considerably shorter), and went to bed.

It was a great day indeed. That 1-legged pigeon brought us good luck for sure.


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