Left Coast Re-Cap (Day 1)

Last Thursday Sarah and I once again teamed up with the Breneman siblings Ryan, Alyssa, and Ashlea for a vacation adventure. This time we headed to California and I had a blast showing them around my old stomping grounds.

We met at the Breneman farm Thursday morning and their mom was kind enough to drive us all to the Philadelphia airport so we wouldn’t have to pay for parking.

Check-in went really smoothly and we prepped ourself for a long flight. We had a quick layover somewhere (I think it was St. Louis) but we weren’t allowed to get off the plane between flights.

We landed in San Diego right around 3:00 PST and we were greeted with the amazing weather we had been expecting. We picked up our rental car (a Suzuki something or other. When we would go up steep hills the engine whizzed like a moped and I entertained myself by making a “wheeeeeeeeeeeeee” sound). We got together with our friend Linda at Island Prime/C-Level, a steakhouse overlooking the harbor. The food was incredible and our week of gluttony had begun.

After dinner we hopped in the car and took off for our hotel in Redondo Beach just a couple of hours north. Traffic wasn’t too bad, and by the time we reached the Ramada hotel, we were ready for bed. The hotel offers free breakfast until 10am, so we agreed to re-convene at 9:30 to take advantage.

Day 1 of vacation: A little tired, but being in California was totally worth being cramped in a Southwest plane for 6 hours.


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