An Extra Distraction

How do you know you’re a real fan of Judge Judy? How do you know when perhaps you’ve seen one too many episodes?

When you start to recognize the fact they’re using the same people in the audience over and over again, that’s when. Don’t be too impressed. I’m not actually that good with picking up small details like noticing the extras in a daily courtroom TV show.

But when one of the extras stands out like this one, you can’t help.

There she is in the upper left-hand corner. She just has a look that stands out. The harsh make-up. The angry eyebrows. That distinct Is-That-A-Dude-In-Drag uncertainty. That’s not an easy look to forget.

Especially when he/she pops up again….

…and again…

…and again…

…and again.

Hey, Judge Judy producers: I think it might be time to do another casting call for extras. When it becomes more fun playing Where’s The Angry Guy In A Wig than watching Judge Judy yell at people, that’s sort of a sign.



  1. That’s definitely a man. Check out the girl on the right. The one with the insane amount of blush on her face? She’s in the first and last picture you posted!! Crazy.

  2. You are totally right. That woman annoys me, she makes odd faces and darts her eyes left and right. I have favs from the show, I looked online just now to find out about the extra situation. I took a pic of my fab, she looks like a young Rosanna Arquette. But looking online at all the male attention about these extras made me feel like I am one of these creeps! And I am not, I don’t think

  3. 1. One crazy person who want’s to be on TV sit in many episode shootings.

    2. The film more than one episode in one day… This person probably had an ‘all day ticket’ and spent one whole day being in the Judge Judy audience.

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