Warwick Davis is a Little Man. Your Baby Isn’t.

What’s the deal with people calling their babies and small children “Little Man”? I’m seeing this ridiculous trend all over the place, mostly in Facebook and Twitter status updates. You’ve seen it, too:

“I’m out with Little Man.”

“Four years old! Little Man is getting so big!”

“Little Man is taking a nap.”

Hey, guess what? Your child is not a little man. Your child is an average-sized baby. A man can shave and drive a car and shuffle a deck of cards and walk without having to put up his hands for balance and deposit a check at a bank and lift heavy things and weighs more than 100 pounds and can talk. Your baby is not a Little Man.

The next time you refer to your baby as “Little Man,” take a good look at his eyes. You’re annoying him and I bet deep inside he’s getting back at you by thinking of you as “Massive Infant”.



  1. Well put. I bet Warwick Davis has gotten so many jokes about how there’s no small parts just small actors…like Warwick Davis. Loved him in Willow!

  2. I was called little one. About a week ago. I’m against little dude. You’re just asking for your baby to turn into Paul Walker. Gross.

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