Insanity: Day 8

Cardio Power & Resistance

I was really plowing through this time. With half of my brain I was trying to be mindful of the shin splint that is setting in in my left leg, but with the other half, I just wanted to work out.

I got about 28 minutes into the work out before I had to call it quits. Not because I was out of breath and all woozy like usual – I think I was actually starting to hit what some people refer to as a “runner’s high” – but because the shin splint started to really flare up after one of the 30-second breaks. I’m not too disheartened, though. My heart rate watch tells me that although I worked out 3 minutes less than the last time I did this particular DVD, I actually burned 60 more calories this time around.

Woot. Yay.


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