Why Is This Photo Moving And Making Noise?

I was browsing the ‘net before going to bed tonight and ran across a website for an upcoming Christian Music Festival. I couldn’t help but chuckle at this little gem on the front page of their website:

What? These are videos? NOT magical moving pictures?

Seriously? Are people actually confusing videos with photos? Was this huge explanation on the front of their website really necessary? This led me to jump to one of two possible conclusions:

1. The people who run this festival think the people who might come to the festival are dumb as rocks.
2. The people who might come to the festival really are dumb as rocks and complained about the fact the photos on the website had “big sideways triangles in a circle” in the middle of the pictures, and so an explanation was actually needed.

Either way, I don’t think I’m gonna go. When you start explaining to me what a Youtube video is, you’ve gone way past condescending and entered into just plain frightening.


One comment

  1. yeah, i noticed that too. i don’t really want to spend my birthday there, but alas, it’s free?

    wait, i think i have some free hershey park passes lying around here somewhere…if only i can convince my hubby…

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