Aunt MaryAnn

At the mere mention of her name, I can hear MaryAnn laugh. Like the rest of my family, she loves to laugh and when she does, she does with her heart.

MaryAnn has always been very kind and sweet and is always quick to offer up a hug. I have fond memories of her (and my other aunts) singing along to the radio in her home, at family reunions, in the car…wherever there was music. As a teen I remember thinking of MaryAnn, Emma, and Alice as The Pointer Sisters because the three of them were always singing, dancing, and laughing.

The other thing that stands out about MaryAnn is, of course, her love for all things Elvis. I mean, I’ve been a Weird Al fan since middle school, but I’m not dedicated enough to have any vanity plates to express my fandom. MaryAnn, on the other hand, has not one but two cars with Elvis-themes plates. Because everyone knows of MaryAnn’s love for The King, her house is filled with Elvis memorabilia. MaryAnn isn’t the only Elvis fan in the family, but it’s probably fair to say she is the Elvis fan.


One comment

  1. MaryAnn is a kind loyal sister and a friend to everyone. I’ve never heard her badmouth anyone, even those that have caused her pain. She is a forgiving person and thank God, because when she was young I nick named her “La Bruja” (the witch) after she had fallen teeth first over her tricycle bars and knocked out her front baby teeth in the shape of a Vee. It stuck for several years (yes, hate me LOL) I was rough on my younger brothers and sisters. That’s all changed cause all my sisters except Bubba, can whip me now. I went into the service (when MaryAnn was very young) then afterwards I went to Cali before I came back home and while I was living there I got word MaryAnn had moved to San Diego for a short time so I went to visit her without notifying her in advance. I was shocked because I didn’t recognize her when she answered the door! She had grown up and was so beautiful and still had the laugh and big smile all the time she was growing up. I miss my sister and I know she has had a good life with her hubby Gary Petri and especially with becoming grandmother to Jim and Jenny Allen’s children Joshua and Jade. Last word for my sister “Elvis is king”!

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