Logan & Jordan

Logan, me, Arn, and Jordan

Logan and Jordan, Uncle Arn‘s youngest children, are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever want to meet. Arn set the bar high when he had four children and none of them turned out to be a goofball. For the Placencias, that’s pretty good. My Mom and Dad only had three kids, and after they had me, it was all downhill (Sorry Ray and Jaime…it was too hard to resist).

Logan is the extroverted people person. She’s the first person to say hello and make a stranger feel welcome. She’s what my mom would probably describe as “a social butterfly,” friends with everyone she’s ever met and able to make anyone feel comfortable and at ease.

Jordan is the quiet athlete who is wise beyond her years. I look at Jordan and marvel at how mature she is. Even when Jordan was in middle school, I remember thinking how much she impressed me with her level-headedness and rational thinking. I’m still not at the level Jordan is when it come to the three C’s: calm, cool, and collected.

I love making Logan and Jordan laugh, especially since they have two very distinct reactions to my goofiness. Logan is like my sister Jaime and she laughs easily and wholeheartedly. Jordan, on the other hand, makes me work for the laugh and I like that. And when I see the corner of Jordan’s mouth go up, and that awesome smirk makes its appearance, I know I’ve made it.

When I was in Indiana a few years back, I stayed with Arn and his family for a bit before I found my own place and I got to know them a little better and I have nothing to criticize…except maybe their love of country music. While I was there, I almost came to think of them as my little sisters and to this day I still require all boys they see to come to me first and fill out a questionnaire and go through a 5-step interview process.

The thing I admire most about Logan and Jordan is their love for Jesus. You see it in both of them and you know it’s real. They have a sincere passion not only to be closer to Him, but also to be more like Him. They both have a sincere heart for other people and are the first people to volunteer to help those in need.

I’m looking forward to seeing the impact Logan and Jordan have on the world and on people, because I know it’s going to be cool. Trust me. This is gonna be good.



  1. Awww thanks eddie! i remember well when you were staying at our place and all the fun and laughs you brought! im pretty sure you’re the one who introduced me to the “guy walks into a bar..” puns, and if i remember correctly, you pretty much cracked me up with them! haha. i hope i get a chance to see you after i get back this summer! God bless! love you!

  2. Right on Eddie (again)! Both are equally beautiful as well as well mannered. I brainwashed logan when she was not quite 2 and I kept singing “uncle john is number one” to her. I did this when her mom left us in the car (before Jordan was born) while she was shopping. Funny thing was she never sang it while I was there but her mother called me days after I returned to Cali and told me Logan was singing the jingle. That made my day! I lived with them when I first moved back to Indiana for a short time and I fell in love with them all over again. Both would laugh and pull my elbow skin and start yelling “ewwww elephant skin!” proof (to them of my old age). To both of you I will close in saying, I love you guys and am proud that you both are so full of the spirit and love for Jesus! Uncle John (the one that loves you) ( :

  3. I had the honor of watching these two beautiful young children grow up into the most beautiful, flawlessly perfect women that I have ever set my eyes on.
    I first met the Placencia family through Arni. I absolutely HATED Mexican food. I thought it was disgusting! One day, my friend said that we should stop by this taco wagon. I was very hesitant but I went anyway. I LOVED IT. The “super burrito” was so yummy! I had a hard time keeping myself from stopping by the wagon less than 2 times a week!
    I eventually got to know Arni and learned about how he was trying to collect enough money to start a restaurant and move his family up to Indiana.
    I started babysitting Logan and Jordan when I was 11 or 12. I remember the first day I showed up. There house so welcoming and felt so cozy. Kelly (their mother, who is also very beautiful) wanted me to spend time with them while she was home so that we could all get to know each other.
    As soon as I walked in the door, Jordan ran and hid behind Kelly. I quickly found out how much these girls relied on and loved each other.
    I grew up in a large Italian family and though our love for one another is amazing, I had never seen two children, so young, love each other as Logan and Jordan did.
    They did everything together and they were soooo easy to watch because they never argued! I still don’t know how Kelly and Arni managed to teach their children to love so intently. My two boys are about the same age difference as Logan as Jordan are, and they fight as if there is there is no tomorrow.
    Logan and Jordan were a lot of fun. My fondest memory of them is playing “The Lava Queen”, a game we made up together. It is where the queen takes an object and places it on one side of the room and guards it as the “lava people” jump from rock to rock while sneaking up behind the queen and take possession of their object. If the “lava people” are in too much of a hurry and don’t land on a rock, they will melt in the “lava”.
    I babysat these girls until ’98, when I graduated high school, married and moved away.
    I feel that they are my sister, though I rarely see them.
    I also worked at Arni and Kelly’s restaurant. I loved every day that I worked there. They were a great family to work with and I had so much fun with all of them.
    Though my father is irreplaceable, Arni has always been a second father to me. He is a very special person with a loving heart.
    Kelly is always so giving and caring. You could trust her with your life.
    As far as Logan and Jordan, they still amaze me with there love and beauty. I will forever hold them dear to my heart.

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