Ricky, Glen, Jim, and I at an annual Placencia Christmas Eve party

I really got to know my younger cousin Ricky a few years ago when I was living in Indiana. We were both working for my dad and we spent a lot of time trapped in the same room, breathing paint fumes, and listening to the local Top 40 radio station. That radio station brought us closer together by birthing in each of us a hatred for the same local commercials with horrible jingles. We were both there when the Paris Hilton single debuted (I forget now what the name of the song was, but I’ll never forget the house in the small town of Corunna we were in when we heard it…and immediately changed the channel).

Ricky and I both shared a passion for Seinfeld, stand-up comedy, The Godfather, and music. When you spend eight hours a day with someone painting trim, you tend to find goofy ways to pass the day, whether it was asking each other trivia questions or laughing about something goofy our cousin Glen said the night before.

My brother Ray and I made a few ridiculous home movies about a super hero named Terocus. Although Ricky is fairly introverted and quiet, it was pretty easy to get him to take part in our nonsense. I was actually kinda surprised he said he’d do it but he’s a good sport and took one for the team. We had fun putting him in a goofy movie and watching him react to Ray’s utter inane improvised rants and manic screams. Ricky’s a good guy…and, as you can see below, also pretty good at keeping a straight face.


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  1. I remember when Ricky’s mom (Mary) came home from her visit at the clinic and told me she was pregnant. She was so happy, how prophetic because she game birth to such a good child. Ricky was always a good boy from the start. I lost touch for awhile because they moved to Southern Cal, Texas, Florida and finally to Garrett. He moved out here to the Phoenix area where I live for a year and a half and would come around to visit me and was always a pleasure to talk with. Linda and I loved his visits. He is proud of his family and of his grand parents and all his uncles, aunts and cousins (thats a lot of peeps) and I am always looking forward to future encounters. I love you Ricky see you soon! Uncle John

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