Ray, Gena, and I at a local Auburn restaurant

My cousin Gena started the tradition of my Uncle Arn having amazing kids. It’s no wonder her little sister Nikki turned out to be so cool, seeing how she had Gena to look up to. She’s smart, witty, warm, friendly, and a great conversationalist. Gena and I don’t get to see each other very often, but when we do, we’re able to pick right up where we left off, as if it had only been a couple of days. You can sit down with her over a cup of coffee and never be lacking for something to talk about and at the end of that time, you know it was an hour well spent.

A few years ago, Gena and her family had my dad and I down for a weekend to attend an Ohio State football game with her husband and Nikki. They have a beautiful home and it was fun to spend time with their amazing kids before we left for the stadium. Of course, being the huge sports buff that I am, I wore blue and yellow…to a game against Michigan. That’s just how I roll.

Despite the fact I inadvertently supported the opposing team with my shirt, I had a blast and it was fun getting a chance to hang out with Gena, her husband Jerome, and Nikki again. It was my first time at a college football game and we all yelled ourselves hoarse. Afterwards Gena and her husband took us to one of those cool restaurants you usually only see in movies: cool, soft blue lighting, Sade playing on the video screens, a cool backlit bar, the whole nine yards.

There was a lot to take in that day but after all of the fans and the band and the screaming and the food and the huge wine selection, what stands out was the time I got to spend with Gena and her family. Whenever we see each other, we always say we should get together more often.

And you know, we really should.



  1. I love Gena very much. I always knew her as a beautiful little girl befor they moved to California and lived next door for several months. That’s where I really got to know Gena. She was never a problem, always quiet and so good to her little sister Nikki. Arni kept me informed of her life accomplisments and I was always eager for visits with them. She married Jerome (a wonderful man) and now they have such amazing children. So good looking, well mannered and intelligent. This is due to their mom and dad and grand parents. I know Gena has her hands full at times but she never seems frazzled or in a hurry to catch up as I would be. I love you Gena! God bless you and your family! Your uncle John, that loves you.

  2. Aww! Eddie and Uncle John, you are too kind! Thanks for doing this Eddie. Your blog is so sweet, funny and uplifting! I LOVE our family so much! It is too bad that we are all so busy and live far away. I honestly don’t think I’d ever get tired of hanging out with you all. Eddie, some of my most fond and vivid memories are playing with you, Jamie, and Ray. Nikki and I thought you guys were and are the absolute BEST! Remember my leg warmers with the pom poms that kept falling off all over your house! I need to get me a pair of those! Miss you all! Con abrazos y besos, Gena

  3. Aw, Eddie you’re making me miss my cousins even more than I already do! Love ya Gena!! (legwarmers…hahaha, that’s awesome!!)

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