Glen, Ray, Me, JP, and Jim try to compose ourselves for a photo

I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself as I’m writing this blog series on my family, but I can’t help it. JP is really warm and friendly, and like the rest of us, loves to laugh and joke around. When I was growing up, JP and his family would occasionally visit from out of town, and it was always a big deal because JP was “the cool cousin from California.” When I grew up and lived out west for a short time, I got to hang out with JP and find out he really is the cool cousin from California.

You remember when I was talking about my Uncle John and all the times my dad, Ray, and I were over at his house playing cards all night? Well, a lot of those times, John’s eldest JP was there, too. Whether horseback riding through the Mojave Desert or taking me to cool places like Robber’s Roost or just kicking back at his house, JP is a great guy to be around.

One weekend JP took Ray and I camping up in Mammoth Lakes. It was a blast. I remember JP and Ray came up with the idea that the three of us should get matching tattoos and for a short time we drove around looking for a tattoo parlor. I knew two things for sure:

  1. I didn’t want a tattoo
  2. If Ray and JP got one, there was no way I wasn’t going to get one. I couldn’t do that to them

Fortunately, we didn’t find a place and I secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

When we got to the campground, we tossed around the Aerobie for about 2 minutes before it got stuck in a tree, and JP and I trying to put up a busted tent was an experience I still recall quite fondly (Ray would have helped, but he was busy videotaping everything).

As night fell, the card playing commenced and well…I don’t know if it was the mountains, the cards, the full moon, or something else, but it was just….hilarious; I don’t know when I’ve ever laughed so much. At one point, JP made Ray eat a moth. Don’t get me wrong, JP didn’t hold Ray down and force feed it to him, we were sitting at the picnic table and one of those huge moths was dancing around our lantern.

JP pointed to it and said to Ray, “Eat that.”

The words had barely been said and Ray had slammed his hand over the moth, grabbed it, and stuffed it in his mouth. Seconds later, it was gone.

I no longer have any proof this night (or the moth moment) existed. Unless I made Ray and/or JP a copy of the videotape, all of the evidence has been destroyed. Seeing as how Ray and JP are both parents, that’s probably a good thing.



  1. It is an honor to comment on this blog because being JP’s father is an honor! Ed did not exaggerate about the quality of JP’s love for life and family. He was an absoute pleasure to raise. He is a self-taught success in his relationships and his business. He has no love for material things, I guess thats why he has so many. His has 3 absolutely gorgeous daughters Amanda, Katelynd, Ellie and a super handsome son, Ethan that looks just like him (grandpa too)(chuckle). His wife Michelle is the finishing touch to his family, she loves JP and is a super mom! There is one story (there’s no room for all of them) I will share. When JP was 12 I was a boxing trainer in Cal. and JP wanted to learn to box. There were 3 other trainers and they felt it would be better if he was trained by someone other than me (it was felt I might take more time and interest in him thus unfair to other boxers). We had an exhibition in downtown Ridgecrest and he was matched with a larger and older boxer and as luck would have it I drew his opponent and was in his corner for the match. My fighter asked me “what do I do coach, I don’t want to hurt him, he is your son! I told him “you better hurt him, don’t you dare let up on him, or I will hurt you (I was lying), now when you start the fight I want you to use your great left jab followed by a right cross, because JP will come right after you so give it all you have”. Well Jp did come in and my guy caught him flush on the nose and chin. It stopped JP in his tracks! What a bloody mess (I thought his mom would croak right there). The referee stoppped the fight and looked at JP and asked if he wanted to stop. JP said “NO WAY”, and what followed was quite a sight cause JP gave my fighter 6 months worth of pure boxing lessons in the next 4 minutes. I had a hard time hiding my pride (and tears) but I did. When Jp came to me I told him he did great and he told me I coached great and was really surprised by my guy. You just can’t get one up on that son of mine. I love JP (as I love Jesse and Jared) but this is about JP and once again, it is an honor to be his father! Thanks Eddie, you are doing a very good thing for aging sentimental fathers. I love you! Uncle John

  2. Awesome article Edman and recap by the J. JP is a great guy……..And thanks for keeping the “night in the mountains” pg…..MOTHBOY lives on!!!

  3. JP;Classic Placencia ,tenacious heart and family pride, not the puffed up kind of pride that brings others down. The kind of pride that is handed down thru generations, like His Father and Grandfather before Him. No matter the situation J P always kept his hand to the plow and as G W Would put it never relent! speaking from an uncles point of view J P has made the family proud. I was blessed with four awesome daughters but if I had ever had a Son I would want him to be of the character of J P. Right On . love you J P.Uncle Arn

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