Aunt Alice

Alice and I just before we broke into spontaneous laughter

I probably feel like I know Aunt Alice better than I actually do, mostly because she reminds me so much of Jaime. They’re both very warm and friendly, and I love to make them laugh. Alice has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around with the rest of the fam. Also, and I can’t say this with any amount of certainty because I wasn’t around or old enough to know and/or remember, but in the late 60s and early 70s, I believe Alice may have been a hippy. I’m not sure. I’m going solely by the clothes she wore in a couple of old pictures we have of her. Then again, it was the seventies, and it’s sometimes hard to tell the hippies from everyone else in the seventies. Either way, I think it’s kinda cool.

Alice has lived out west for pretty much my entire life, first in Idaho and currently in Washington, so like other relatives, I always tried to take advantage of the times she was in town for family gatherings.

Like my other relatives I’ve written about in this series (and will continue to write about this month) Alice is extremely likable and it’s not long after getting together that you’re cracking jokes and sharing stories. Although she is one of the younger siblings, she doesn’t let Uncle John or my Dad get away with giving her a hard time before she’s dishing it right back out, and it’s always a great amount of fun to watch.

Alice is just one of those people who you don’t have to be around for a great length of time before you get a sense of how much she loves people. I also love to hear her talk about the rest of her family because she beams with pride when she does. She’s proud of who she’s related to and she loves them to death.

And I think I speak for the rest of the fam when I say we’re pretty proud to be related to her, too.



  1. The( A) in Alice stands for AWESOME! She is one of the friendliest people on earth (but) I have to tell you, “don’t piss her off”. I was traveling through Idaho a long time ago (1978 I think) and it was like 3 am, I had driven from Idaho falls after a long work day on my way to Valley Wa I didn’t want to bother my Sis so I bypassed her town and made it to Valley the next morning late. Well I made the mistake of telling Alice.. sheesh!! I’ve been paying for that ever since. She read me a riot act I will never forget! I have since been there to see her and she has pretty much forgiven me (I think). Other that that, I can say I love my sis so much! She has a wonderful family, especially her hubby John and his family too! I love you Alice and I will see you there again asap! btw Eddie she WAS a hippy or better yet a “Granola gal”. Yeah, hairy legs and pits LOL Brother Gene and I would (out of love) tease her terribly! She took it well though, I had to mention this so the editor knows he was not in error.

  2. Alice (biscuits),the fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT, love ,joy ,peace, patience,kindness,goodness,gentleness,faithfulness,and self control;All of these speak of my sister alice! bro.john what were you thinking?in 1982 I rode my motorcycl e 2,800 mi. just to see alice. I love my sister !!!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Ed! Although I love my life and choice in where to live, the one thing I missed most was family. I took care of a lot of my nieces and nephews, but after moving out of state, missed a lot of the growing up years with others. But since they are family, I always tried to get to know and interact with all of them. I have nothing but love for my family!! Peace! Keep doing what you love – you’ve got a gift to share!

  4. Like when you came to D.C. to visit me and my baby Gemma (who is now 9)!! Aunt Alice I always enjoy my visits with you and your family! You do really ROCK! love you!

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