Aunt Sue

Aunt Sue. Don't you just wanna hug her?

This blog has been the hardest one in the Placencia Family Series to write so far. Why? Plain and simple, Aunt Sue is “the nice one.” Not that the other people in my family aren’t nice, don’t get me wrong. But Sue is just…well, she’s just a good person. I’m also not saying Sue is boring, don’t get me wrong. She’s not. I love to be around her and talk and laugh (Sue, like the rest of my family, loves to laugh)…I just don’t have any stories about Sue like “the time she robbed a gas station” or “the time she clunked someone with a shovel” or “the time Sue tipped over the grill in a fit of rage at the family reunion.”

All of my memories of Sue (and her family: her husband Joe and her son, Joe) are really nice. Being around Sue, you just feel comfortable and (I’ll use that word again) nice. Whenever I picture Sue in my head, she’s smiling. In fact, I can’t think of a time when Sue hasn’t offered me a smile. I still recall at my grandmother’s funeral Sue touching my arm and smiling. Sometimes a smile says more than words could.

When my Mom and Dad got divorced, it was sometimes especially hard on Mom because my Dad’s side of the family is so big, she seemed to bump into a Placencia everywhere she went. And sometimes people were less-than-kind. Not Sue. Mom still tells me to this day that whenever she would see Sue at the store or in a restaurant,  Sue always smiled, always said hello, and stopped to talk. To this day, when I see Sue, one of the first things she asks me is “How’s your mom doing?”

Sue could have just as easily decided to write Mom off…after all, Mom isn’t married to Sue’s brother anymore, I understand. But that’s not Sue.

You see, Sue’s the nice one.



  1. You are right on Eddie, Sue IS the nice one. She devoted so much of her time tending to Mamacita for so many years. Brother Rick and sister Alice will attest however, Sue didn’t always have a smile. That’s because she always made sure the mowing of the lawn and other household duties shared by Sue, Rick and Alice were completed. I wasn’t around Sue much because I moved to California when she was in elementary school but every time someone talked about Sue it was pretty positive. I love you sister! Thanks Eddie for another good job!

  2. ” two cents a -bunch ” how can anyone ever top her kindness? ma sister cagua, yes she tok care of maria maria, and i will forever bless her for that. when all others were busy with life ,pendleton, and such . sue was the one who put most of her interests aside . may GOD richly reward her for that, and the “two cents a-bunch! love ,bro.arn

  3. Ed, Sue is all that you say and more, however, I hate to be the one to tarnish her rep! But I know of the one time she came close to living a life of crime. Most would think this would be an Alice story, but alas, Sue does have a smudge on her record…I was at a friend’s slumber party doing whatever teenage girls do at slumber parties. There was loud banging at the door – we all ran to answer the door and Chris Krocker and Sue came barrelling through the door, panting – out of breath and slammed the door behind them. After they caught their breath they managed to tell us what happened. Seems that Sue and a few other friends decided to go pumpkin stealing from a local farmer’s garden. They picked their target, quietly set up the assembly line. Everyone but Deb Sobieski went over the fence to pass pumpkins down the line to be passed over the fence to Deb who placed them in the car/trunk or wherever they were hiding the goods. All of a sudden, they heard a loud scream as the farmer came running into the field yelling at the dark figures in his garden – telling them to get out and finally letting a shot go from his shotgun (up in the air, but they didn’t know that). Everyone dropped what they were doing – the assembly line running like bats out of hell to get over the fence and out of there! What they didn’t realize until they were across the fence was that the last person (Linda Marti maybe) launched her last pumpkin over the fence as the yelling and shot went off which the catcher of the pumpkin (Deb) didn’t see because she was startled and had looked away…was lying next to the car out cold…the last pumpkin had hit her in the head and knocked her out. The rest of the crew had to haul Deb into the car and screech away as quickly as possible. I’m sure they decided they needed to split up so the FBI (OK, maybe just the local Garrett police), wouldn’t find them…which is how Sue and Chris came to Susie Rosenberg’s house where I was at. I must tell you that I was in awe of the whole story – my sister Sue, living a night of crime…even if they were only pumpkins! I think we all laughed until we peed out pants! Gotta love it!

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