Top 10 Movies of 2008 Pt. 7

The seventh installment of my Best Movies of 2008 series is brought to you by Lisa Blowers. Lisa is the multi-award-winning (she loves when I mention that) host of The Kids Cookie Break on WJTL. She’s also an rabid movie buff and we’ve worked on a couple of fun short films together, like The Art of the Cookie and The Blanket.

I watched a lot of movies this year, but did not see much from 2008.

If we go “to the movies” it’s most likely a kid pick with my son, or a documentary or indie film at Penn cinema, or Point of View.

And you Eddie my friend helped me confirm that my tastes don’t run main stream as I see that most films I saw in the theater last year weren’t even on your list!

Here’s what I saw:

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Makes the case for Intelligent Design.  I thought it also made the case that people on  opposite sides of an issue can no longer have a healthy debate, especially over an issue that stirs up passions like the one addressed in the film.  I find that sad.

beautifully filmed…Charlie Chaplin meets 2001:A Space Odyssey! Fun catching all the references and I had to laugh hearing Sigourney Weaver as the ships computer.  Think I liked it better than my son Alex.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
helped put the Javier Bardem No Country For Old Men nightmares to rest. Take off the wig and you have a hot leading man!

The Tale of Despereaux
cute, but my nephew and son were a bit disappointed. They studied the book in 4th grade and according to them “the book is better” as it almost always is!

What Just Happened
Barry Levinson’s latest film.  Satirical comedy-drama starring Robert De Niro as fading Hollywood producer trying to survive in his career. Cameos abound-Sean Penn, Robin Wright, etc. and it’s worth watching to see a heavy-set Bruce Willis playing himself as a temperamental actor refusing to shave his long beard for a new film. Definitely NOT The Player, but Levinson nails the satire all the same.

My fave of the year (of what I saw) was the French film Tell No One
It’s a thriller, murder mystery. Has elements of The Fugitive & Vertigo. Complex at first, but satisfying action thriller with plot twists and turns and a great sound track including U2!  If I didn’t know Kristin Scott Thomas was British I’d think she was French!

Of course my ALL TIME FAVE of 2008 was the Indy film “The Blanket” by the up and coming director Ed Placencia.  Still blown away by the kid in the leading role.  Reminds me so much of home.  Wonder if he’s always that intense?  And the Dad…wow!  And cute too!

Of course there are SO MANY films from 2008 that I wanted to see and still plan to thanks to Netflix & iTunes!


One comment

  1. I had to go back and rewatch The Blanket. gets better everytime. My favorite part is Ed playing Will Ferrell, playing James Lipton, playing a priest. Priceless.

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