Top 10 Movies of 2008 Pt. 5

My Best Movies of 2008 series continues with a quick column written by Alyssa Breneman. Not only does Alyssa keep a blog that’s too deep and insightful for me to leave smarmy comments, she’s a book-reading fiend, an incredible photographer, and like the rest of us, she’s a dancing dweeb.

I have realized that I have only seen maybe 10 movies… so here is my top five… and remember these are only out of the ones I have seen.. probably would be others in the top five if I had seen more… but I am no movie snob!

5. 27 Dresses
It was a good romance comedy.. and I think James Marsden is hot!!! And he finally got the girl!
4. Vantage Point
I am a sucker for a thriller and one where you have no idea what is going on till the end!!
3. Australia
If I could, I would live there! So I loved the scenery and of course thought the story line was interesting with the little boy.. Too sweet!
2. Dark Knight
I admit, I was disappointed when the girl died, but thought it was very good! Christian Bale’s voice rocks… I’m Batman!
1. Penelope
James McAvoy has become my favorite male actor ever!! Such a good movie with a good message… and surprise Mr. Bingley??

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