2 Pounds of Soup

Someone once told me that you crave what your body needs. Like if you’re craving bananas, your body is telling you you need more potassium. If you’re craving candy, you might need sugar. And if you crave Katy Perry music, you’re an idiot.

Anyhow, I don’t know how much truth there is to that whole thing but last night my body needed whatever is in Progresso clam chowder soup. In about a half hour, I had eaten two cans. By the end of my second helping, though, I kind of regretted my gluttony. I was way too full.

I grabbed one of the cans to see how much I had ingested. One can is 1 pound, 2.5 ounces. Yikes. I kind of got sick when I realized I had just shoved two-and-a-half pounds of soup into my system.

Apparently last night my body needed some modified corn starch. Or maybe it was the sodium phosphates. Whatever it was, I hope it’s happy.



  1. Admitting your addiction is half the battle… I think maybe you just have an inner need to go to New England… time to bring the crew to the Gagne’s. :)

  2. I’m catching up on your blogs after nearly 6 weeks of computer problems and the Katy Perry comment nearly made me spit hot chocolate on the screen.

    Not to mention it was just last week that I figured out she was “the artist formerly known as Katy Hudson.”


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