Seriously Jerry

It’s not like me to write a “serious” post. I think maybe .06% of my blogs have been straight-forward and not intentionally goofy. But I guess sometimes you just have to “write what you know” (I didn’t coin that phrase, but you can tell people I did if you’d like).

JT is a buddy of mine from the National Comedy Theatre. I’ve blogged about him a few times in the past and I still get excited and all “Way to Go, Dude” when I think of his appearance on 30 Rock. He’s one of the guys you meet in life that makes you glad you meet new people in life. Simply put, he’s one of the good guys.

JT is still up in New York and is currently involved in trying to get a production up and running. I know, I know, tell me someone in New York who isn’t. But when someone you look up to and admire is passionate about something, you can’t help but have that passion rub off on you a bit.

“Love Jerry” is a musical that JT and his friends have been working on for some time now (since college, if my memory serves). For most people, Broadway musicals bring to mind visions of lonely goatherds and cats played by over-the-hill angry thespians. But this musical is a bit different. It brings to light the subject of child abuse. In fact, it’s already been recognized by Stop It Now! National and Darkness to Light, two organizations raising awareness to stop child abuse.

Right now JT and his creative partners are in the middle of trying to raise funds to get “Love Jerry” off the ground. The official “Love Jerry” website can probably put it into words better than I can so stop by and look around. I think what they’re up to over there is pretty cool. Of course, if you’re more of a Facebook person, they have that available, too.

If you can do something, cool. If you know someone who might want to help, pass their website along. I figure it’s the least we can do.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out, bud. We’ve got about $7,000 left to raise! Any and all help/support is greatly appreciated.

    Keep on, keepin’ on.

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