Pleasing the Crowd

This weekend Sarah and I went to a Phillies game with some friends from church. It was a great day to see a game. The weather was perfect and we had seats in the upper right field section. Although not everyone in the group was happy with fact we had seats directly in the sun, the Mexican in me couldn’t have been happier.

In between innings, the masses were entertained by the jumbo screen that offered diversions such as Guess Today’s Attendance (55,006) and sports bloopers from years past. It also featured various “crowd cams” such as the Flex for the Camera cam and the Bad Dancer cam and they would show different people in the crowd.

Soon they rolled out the Kiss Me cam, and they showed couples sitting in the stadium and the crowd would cheer when they kissed. Old people got the best response and every time the old guy would kiss the old lady seated with him and she would slap his knee playfully, the audience would go nuts.

“If they put the camera on us, we should look angry,” Sarah said next to me.

“Yea,” I agreed, “We should flip them off.”

“Or just totally make out,” she went on.

“We should stick out our tongues and touch them,” I said, and we laughed. And then I felt it in my bones. I knew it was coming. I turned to Sarah and said, “If they put us on the big screen, I’m totally going to jump you.”

All Sarah said in response was, “Okay.”

And not three seconds later, there we were, up on the jumbo screen. I got out of my seat and attacked Sarah. She took off her hat and flailed her hands wildly in the air.

The crowd went NUTS. All I could hear were screams and hoots and laughter. I think I heard the laughter most of all. And as I was there with my face buried in Sarah’s hair, my butt pointing at the camera, all I could think was, “I’m making 55,000 people laugh!! I’m never going to be able to top this!!”

So yea, it was a pretty good day.


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