An Oddly-Timed Pat on the Back

I’m pretty sure this is the first blog I really considered not writing because I didn’t want to embarrass anyone. Considering I’ve written about two dorks who sold a corn flake on eBay, a weird guy from high school I bumped into, and a 60-year-old taking a Sex Ed class, you might think my censoring filter would be long gone. But there’s still some hope for me.


In the end, though, I decided to write this blog simply because the whole situation was too awkward to not write about it.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Sarah and I have recently become members of the church we’d been attending. It’s a great church and the people there have been way, way cool. From the first time we went there, people were coming up to us, introducing themselves, and making us feel at home. I’ve been in a few churches before as a guest and unfortunately, this is a pretty rare occurrence. But the people here have been nothing short of really amazing. Needless to say it wasn’t a hard decision when considering becoming a member. (Of course, if you know me, then you know I don’t have to mention the fact that the teaching there is great and the church is really trying to focus on doing what a church should be doing. I wouldn’t be considering membership otherwise.)

The Sunday we became members, we had to speak in front of the congregation to introduce ourselves and give a bit of our background. I of course took this as another opportunity to make jokes in front of a group of people. Sarah was very nervous about having to speak in front of everyone but she was very cute and charming and her regular ol’ irresistible self.

Afterwards people came up to us giving us hugs and welcoming us to the church. And the really weird thing? I could sense they were very genuine about it. It almost threw me off. What’s that say about where we are as a people when it’s hard to believe people being so nice?

It really was a great day and Sarah and I were made to feel so welcomed and appreciated. The only weird part of the day (if you know me, there’s always a weird moment) was in the bathroom after the service. Guys, mostly older dudes, were telling me how they enjoyed what Sarah and I had to say and telling me how glad they were to have new members and how happy they were for us and patting me on the back.

Patting me on the back while I was using the urinal.

If you’ve never received a (literal) pat on the back while receiving a compliment while trying to aim, well then, you’ve never been so confused about what to focus on.



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