Prooving One’s Idiocy

I don’t like to just make a fool of myself. I prefer to do it over and over again, just to make sure people know I’m an idiot.

Sarah and I are currently in San Diego for a wedding. We are planning on driving up to LA County on Sunday so I can show her some of my old haunts when I lived out here. Some friends of mine, Andrea & Drew, live in San Pedro and I didn’t think to call them to let them know I’d be in the area until we were in the airport in Baltimore.

Idiot! How could I forget them?!

I hopped online at the airport and shot them an email and sent them a text. We’re on our way out there! Prepare for fun and “In & Out” burgers!!

After landing in San Diego, getting our rental car, and finding the nearest In & Out burger place, I gave them a call. “Hey guys!!! We’re here and maybe can see you in a couple of days!! I’m an idiot for not giving you the heads up earlier!”

And then, I felt like an idiot again.

Oh yeah. I forgot. They moved back to Nashville.

Insert awkward conversation here. “Oh yea….um…that’s right, heh heh….well….if we’re ever in Nashville again soon….let’s hook up!”

I’ll beat you to the punch: I’m an idiot.


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