Indiana Jones 4: An In-Depth Review

Just kidding. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. So I’ll just say Sarah and I both really enjoyed it. Afterwards in the car on the way back to work (yes, that’s right, I took 3 hours off in the middle of my work day to go to the movies. So I work somewhere cool that lets me carry on such shenanigans, sue me) I turned to Sarah and said, “I thought there were only 2 gay parts. Guess what they were.”

She guessed them by saying only two words: “Groundhogs. Vines.” (Settle down, I haven’t given anything away)

Other than that, well done everyone. We had fun!

Wow….We’ve been looking forward to this day for so long. May 22nd has come, I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull….

Now what?



  1. thank you for sparing us the details. LOL. i really want to see it already! i’m stuck at work…and alas i only get 30 minutes of a break. i work at a call center. ugh.

    have you seen narnia?

  2. Sorry I couldn’t go with you to the Indy movie. I was standing in line for 13 Flight of the Conchords tickets in Des Moines!

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