Boo!!! That’s Not Me!! Boo!!

We’ve all seen it where some poor comic is onstage, says where they’re from, and they get booed for it. They get booed for being from somewhere else!

“I’m from Chicago.”

“I’m from New York.”

Who’s booing cities? “Boo!!! That’s not MY hometown! Boooooo! I don’t agree with that city at all!”

Do these people do this with everything they encounter in life that’s different? And why is it OK to boo someone from a different city if they’re on stage but not if we meet them at a party? Why is one acceptable and the other isn’t?

It’s not like you meet someone at a dinner party and they say “Hi, my name’s Bob.”

No one is responding with, “Bob? BOOOOOOOOOOO!! That’s not MY name. Boooo, Bob! Boooooooooo!”

But I think it would be fun.



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