Who Doesn’t Love a Game Where You Get to Punch Your Friends?

I hate riding in a car with someone and not realizing they have started playing “perdiddle” without me (you know…the game where you see a car with one headlight out and as a reward you get to beat on your buddy). In fact, I usually don’t even know the game is afoot until they punch me in the arm. I hate those punching games. I always forget we’re playing. I guess I’m bad at that game because I’m not some psycho looking for an excuse to punch my date. Yes, that’s right. I have been on dates in the past — first dates, mind you — and found myself on the losing end of this game. Sure, go ahead, punch the guy about to buy you dinner. That’ll ensure I call you for date #2.

It’s just not a good game to play with me because when I get surprised I tend to shout nonsense like “Caterpillars wearing sweaters!”Once on a first date the girl and I were in the car and we approached one of the aforementioned cars with one headlight out. And that was probably the last time she ever started a game of “perdiddle” unannounced. Because apparently I don’t know “how to play nicely.”

Driving down the road and she just punches me full on. She yelled, “Perdiddle!” and slugged me and at the same time I yelled, “You stupid fat idiot!”

Obviously, I forgot girls don’t like to be called “fat.”



  1. Ed, You need to teach your friends the ‘true’ reward for the game of Perdiddle. People who are in their 70’s and 80’s have told me that if you were the first to say ‘Prediddle’ when you saw a car with one head light out then you got a kiss. (Not a punch in the arm). This makes the game much more fun.
    Someone who likes to hit others must have changed the reward on you.

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