Quote Me on This

I’ve noticed in a lot of conversations how people love quoting other people and start off by saying “Quote”…but then never close the quotes. I guess it’s not always necessary because with inflection and pauses (two things that translate very well on a blog) most people know when you’ve stopped quoting your source. And besides, “Close Quote” just sounds weird.

But I want to start using “close quotes” in my every day conversations– even though I know the more-common thing to say is “end quote.” But I want to use “close quotes” in a way that entertains me. Like without using the opening “quote” and also without quoting anything at all.

“Yesterday I had to go to CVS to get some shampoo and batteries. The parking there is weird. Close quote.”

I’d also like to start using “Quote” and then just keep carrying on the conversation like nothing happened.

“The lady at the counter was really grumpy. Quote: I left and decided to stop off at work on the way home to print off some spreadsheets so I could look over them away from the office.”

And then, like 20 minutes later, I would throw in a “close quote.” But I would say it after someone else finished talking.

Grammar is fun!


One comment

  1. this is hilarity only you could bring to my life… mainly because i could see you doing it, and me being completely confused in trying to follow it… my friends and i have been talking about a similar topic… air quotes… how powerful these things are… like, it could pretty much rob me of my authority to over use them… like… “let’s talk about (insert air quotes) curfew…” kind of invalidates the severity of the rule… can’t wait to hang …

    i am confused a little with the idea of working on a sitcom that is unscripted… what do you want me to turn in to you by tuesday? close quote

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