Guess Who?

I like how the Culligan Man always declares his entrance when entering a home. In all of the commercials, he never knocks, he just opens the front door, walks in, and announces, “Culligan Man!”

I think it would be fun if everyone adapted this process. I would walk into a restaurant and shout, “Hungry Mexican!” or enter a department store and declare, “Guy looking for a jacket!” or go into Staples and say, “Cheapskate looking for small items that will fit in my pocket!” or go to the movies and yell, “I have snacks hidden under my shirt!”

That way everyone knows who everyone else is and we can go on from there.


One comment

  1. On a similar note… one of my friends and I discussed the idea of people wearing tshirts declaring their relational status. It would make life a lot less confusing. Even better… if there was some sort of like mood ring sort of object that would give the “just friend” signal vs. the “hm, perhaps” or “heck yes” or “are you crazy” or “um, sorry, I’m Gay” signal. That would sure help. haha. I guess that would take a little of the joy of discovery out of life, though, eh.

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