Interviewing My Shirt Twin

I work at a radio station and every once in a while we get someone really cool to swing by the studios for an interview. And on even rarer occasions, I get to do the interviewing. Afterwards, I get to play back my stammering question-asking over and over again until my self-consciousness has completely grown back.

Last week, Chris Sligh came in for an interview (Name ring a bell? Chris was a top 10 finalist on season 6 of American Idol). He was a lot of fun to talk to and it was really cool finding out more about who he is and where he’s come from. The interview lasted 47 minutes and I somehow managed to whittle it down to 8-1/2. Enjoy!



  1. Great interview! Thanks so much for posting it. Can’t wait to buy his album. I have listened to the ones on his myspace and they are great! I’m so glad for him, too, that his single is doing so well on the charts.

  2. Great interview. Thank you so much for posting. Chris is so talented and his voice is really a blessing to us all.

  3. You did a great job. I love Chris’s new single “Empty Me”. Can’t wait until I get the CD in May. Thanks for doing the interview and posting it.

  4. Chris was our family’s fave on season 6 of AI, and we were aghast when he was sent home. How wonderful that’s he’s gone into the contemporary Christian genre where we can not only enjoy his voice, but his unique songwriting skills. Enjoyed the interview! Thank you so much!

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