Dude, You’re Getting a….Wait a Second

A couple blogs ago I posted a copy of an online conversation I had with a computer tech support technician. I’m gonna Tarantino this one a bit (as Dane Cook would say). This blog actually takes place before that post, so to make sure you’re up to speed, I’ll briefly recap.

One of the speakers on my laptop stopped working.

There. Now you’re all caught up.

I went to the Dell website to see if I couldn’t diagnose the problem on my own before having to wait in line to speak with a Dell Customer Support rep.

In order to proceed, I was asked to enter my computer’s serial number. I had no idea how to find that and followed the easy step-bystep How To Locate Your Serial Number instructions. After locating the serial number I entered it in the box and hit “return.”

I was greeted with an error message that the serial number entered corresponds with a computer that was purchased outside of the United States. That, I knew, was a bold-faced lie, as I was present at the Circuit City in Indiana when it was purchased.

I tried again, but got the same error message.

I concluded that I must be entering the wrong number. I entered every other combination of numbers I could find printed on the many stickers on the bottom of computer but none of them worked, either.

Stupid Dell computers!!!

I spent the next twenty minutes scouring the Dell website, trying to find alternate ways to locate my serial number since this clearly wasn’t working, but to no avail. I cursed Dell and I cursed that stoner kid who used to do their commercials a few years ago.

And then I looked at my laptop and realized I had a Gateway.



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