My Chat with Mary

The left speaker on my laptop is no longer working. Please enjoy my conversation with Mary_GWER1660, a Gateway Customer Service Rep whom I suspect is a robot. A foreign robot.

Mary_GWER1660 says: Since you have mentioned that the right speaker is working, it simply means that the software and the integrated sound is working fine. It is possible that the speaker is have a loose internal connection.

Ed Placencia says: Does that mean I need to bring it in to the store?

Ed Placencia says: Or should I just shake it?

Mary_GWER1660 says: It is recommended that you send it back for repair to avoid further damage\

Ed Placencia says: OOOOOk. :(

Mary_GWER1660 says: I hope the information has adequately addressed your concerns. Is there anything that I can be of help to you?

Ed Placencia says: No, I guess that’s it. Thanks for trying. Boo.

Mary_GWER1660 says: It was a pleasure working with you. My name and badge number are Mary_GWER1660. Thank you for using Gateway Remote Assistance and have a great day.

Ed Placencia says: It was a pleasure working with you too. Don’t be a stranger.

Mary_GWER1660 says: Thanks.

Mary_GWER1660 says: Take care.

Ed Placencia says: I will. You take care as well. Have a good 2008.

Mary_GWER1660 says: Thanks.

Ed Placencia says: Are you a robot?

Mary_GWER1660 says: If you have no further concerns, you can click on End Session to close this window.

Ed Placencia says: Robot.


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