Just Hand Over the Goods

Right now Sarah and I are on a pretty strict budget. So, understandably, I was quite happy to win a coupon for a free gallon of Turkey Hill ice cream while I was at staff retreat last week. Sarah and I walked down to Turkey Hill to scope out our options and saw they were having a sale: Two for 6 bucks. That’s a good price but when you’re on a budget sometimes you have to bypass a good deal.

We took our gallon of ice cream and coupon and went to the front counter and the cashier told us, “You know we’re having a sale on this. Two for $6.”

“Yeah,” I muttered to myself, “But I want one for free.”



  1. i am thinking this could replace “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” simply cause i don’t get that one… so “a free gallon in the hand is better than 2 for $6” let’s start workshopping that…

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