My Scientific Discovery

You know those times when you just wake up and you’re laying there thinking about nothing in general and then you have an idea you think is BRILLIANT but then a few hours later you realize you were still half-asleep and your idea was, in all actuality, retarded?

Here was my awesome idea: Radio waves are everywhere. Radio stations are sending out all these signals and they’re all over the place. I then wondered how the radio waves from all the radio (and TV) stations affected our bodies. And sometimes you come across people who are sick all of the time for no apparent reason. Well, what if it’s the radio waves that are affecting their bodies and making them sick?! And what if I just cured someone? Has no one else ever thought of this? I’m a scientific genius!!

I remember laying there and priding myself in being such a deep thinker and if I have these awesome ideas in the morning by just laying there, maybe that’s how I should start every day and who knows what story and movie ideas I would come up with.

But now that it’s later and I’m pretty much fully awake I realize I should keep most of my half-asleep revelations to myself.


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