Sometimes I make myself laugh. I hope that doesn’t sound cocky or anything. It’s just that often times my mouth’s filter isn’t turned on and I say things that I don’t know I’m going to say until they’re said. Does that make any sense? Sometimes I’m embarrassed by what I say but more often that not it’s pointless and trite and just kind of dissipates in the air like a barely noticeable scent wafting away. But whatever it is, it’s always a surprise. I’m sure there’s medication or some sort of self-discipline for this behavior but so far I’ve neglected to look further into it.

Today I was giving Ann a hard time in the office, mostly because she’s fun to make laugh. I can see sometimes the determination in her face, having decided in her head that she’s not going to laugh. And so of course, I have to make her laugh.

Today it took me a few minutes but I finally got a nice big laugh out of her and I felt I had accomplished something. And then I surprised myself. I proclaimed to Ann, loud enough for the others around to hear, “I’m just joking with you, Ann. I tease because I tolerate.”

And then I laughed at myself.


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