The Story of Us Pt 2

I made my way to the coffee shop downtown, Brewdaily’s Cafe. I was impressed from the moment I opened the door. As soon as I walked in, it didn’t feel like I was in Smalltown, USA. It was huge inside with really cool decor and big comfy couches to sit in. This place would easily fit in Santa Monica or Greenwich Village. The girl behind the counter was really cute. And not cute in a “oh hey she’s cute” kind of way but in a “wow, who is THIS” fashion. The thing is, I’m horrible at the “how old is this person” game (seriously, never ask me how old I think you are if you don’t want to be offended) and I didn’t want to do or say anything too forward lest she turn out to be 16 and I find myself in jail and the talk of the town.

She was really friendly and made a mean white chocolate mocha. I sat down to write a little bit and knew I would be back. I had to find out more about this girl.

I visit the coffee shop once again and again, the beautiful girl is working behind the counter. I’m so happy with the fact I have found a new place to hang out I am inspired to write a short story, called simply “Java.”


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