A Mushy Blog

This was actually a message I left on Sarah’s Facebook page, but thought it might be a nice entry here as well. It’s a bit mushy (but 100% sincere) so be warned.

There are countless things I love about you. But this past week when you came to visit, I discovered a few new ones. Here are some of them:

1. I love how you take pictures inside of stores, even though it upsets the staff.

2. I love how you narrate interpretive dance.

3. I love how I got to help pick out what you wore when I proposed to you.

4. I love how, when you were trying to figure out what to wear, you made everything look amazing.

5. I love how you smile when you meet someone new.

6. I love how you give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they don’t deserve it.

7. I love how impulsive you are, even in a crowd, and it makes me laugh.

8. I love how you can be yourself because you know nothing you do will ever embarrass me or make me think any less of you. In fact, it only makes me love you more.

9. I love how you can’t wait for the future to start now.

10. I love how a ring looks on your finger.


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