I Still Won

Today after we finished work I was standing around with Ray while Dad ran some paperwork inside for the homeowners. They have a sort of weird swingset-type thing in their backyard that consisted of various vertical pipes. I asked Ray if he thought he could grab one pipe with each hand and hang in the air longer than Dad could. Without hesitation Ray said he could.

When Dad returned from outside Ray turned the tables and said, “Hey Dad, do you think you can hang from those bars longer than Eddie?”

Dad laughed and said “Yea. How long did he do it?”

“You have to do it at the same time,” Ray said.

Dad approached the bars and I started to laugh. I could see that if we both dangled there at the same time we would be really close together, almost touching. “I’m going to lose because I’m going to start laughing,” I said.

But still the game went on.

Dad and I stood face to face and I was already cracking up. Ray counted us off with a count to three and immediately Dad started to make me laugh. I laughed and accidentally sent spittle flying in his face. Which made me laugh more.

It was a little harder than it sounds; you couldn’t just hang from the bars. They were at such a distance that your arms almost had to be straight out at your side in order to grab them both, so it was pretty tough. I decided I was going to throw the contest and wrap my legs around Dad’s torso and pull him down.

I started laughing because I knew it was going to be funny.

And then Dad threw a leg up and kicked me in Menards.

Dad let go and walked away laughing while Ray and I both simultaneously exclaimed, “Duuuuuuude.”

It didn’t hurt. And I won. Totally worth it.


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